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    So... I heard we are on a H&K thread. I have some H&K stuff. KWA gbb fresh from this morning.
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    Hi, hello mmmmm hi... it's me again.
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    Good lord that's one long boi. My contribution: maximum P L A I D
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    SLR B15 now properly suppressed :). Non-suppressed will use an AAC Blast Shield (that's still on back order :()
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    I was told there would be pestilence... #MakeCuringGreatAgain #Impeach05Council #NotMyPlague
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    VFC MP5A5 Aeg -Rs stock -Rs body pins -Rs rear sight
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    New products teased on TM's site - Glock 17 Gen4 GBB (Previously announced last year) - FNX-45 GBB Black version - Ruger LCP GBB (most likely)
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    Yep, another Glock boring photo.
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    Hi all! Want to sell my TOP EBB M4 Cartless edition Whit new 6.02 steel inner and hop rubber + guarder infinite (red) torq motor. Gearbox never opened. stable 310 FPS What do you need to know about this beauty: This modell is originally introduced worldwide as a shell ejecting AEG, and they released a Cartless version only in Japan. So basically this is a poormans GBLS DAS GDR15 except that it released about 7 years before. So you get what you can See in the picture, you can go with 2 setups MK18 (this was the original), and M4 Block I. PICS VID Mags: the newer ones work great(2 whitout tape), the older ones are sensitive for heavy BB-s(above 0.25), an expert can fix those in a minute. Price is: 650 EUR + Ship + PP fee feel free to ask any questions.
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    This is how we used to mount the PEQ-2s. Australians have different mounts also.
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    The latest ERG from TM is the AK Storm NGRS. 17/4/20 release The latest NGRS AEG from Tokyo Marui, the AK Storm NGRS, is set for release on the 17th of April... "The next-generation electric gun 'AK Storm', which is a modernized custom made Tokyo Marui Original take on AK47, reveaked! We have produced custom parts that improve operability, such as a short barrel that is easy to handle, a stock that can select the shape according to the situation, and a Magwell that is easy to change magazines, a mount base with a backup site, etc. are adopted in various places. Major features: Equipped with a shoot and recoil engine: When the trigger is pulled, the bolt is activated at the same time as the firing, and the strong recoil generated inside the body is transmitted to the whole body. An auto-stop system that stops firing when the magazine is empty. It is a model that pursues the reality of operation and operability. Bolt release mechanism: Equipped with a bolt release mechanism that releases the auto stop by pulling the bolt handle. You can enjoy realistic operation procedures. (Nice) Metal parts used: Die-casting and press steel are used for the parts of each part, including the lower receiver, to produce a profound feeling that moves to the eyes and a feeling of weight when picked up, and also achieves high rigidity. By applying a defric coat to the lower receiver, the texture of steel black dyeing processing has been reproduced. M-LOK rail system: The latest rail system M-LOK is used on both sides of the hand guard with underrail. The hand guard, which allows you to add rails only where needed, is slim and easy to handle, and has been lightened by removing meat. The M-LOK rail with a width of 20mm (Picatinny standard) comes with one of three types of slots: 3 slots, 5 slots, and 7 slots. It can be easily removed with the attached hexagon wrench. Various accessory parts: Two types of M-LOK covers, two types of hand stops that support the hand holding the hand guard, and a special mount that can be attached at a lower position with the optional “Micro Pro Site” are included. Compatible with various muzzle options: If you remove the muzzle flash hider, you can install a muzzle option with a 14 mm reverse screw specification such as a silencer. Steel Press Magazine: Includes a magazine with 90 shots and a steel press outer case similar to the real one. With a built-in follower stopper, you can enjoy just firing without putting BB bullets in the magazine. * There is no magazine compatibility with the magazine for AK74. Magazine adapter included: By attaching the adapter to the main unit, the magazine for electric gun standard type AK can be used. * When the adapter is installed, the auto stop system and bolt release mechanism do not operate. Also, the magazine for the next-generation electric gun AK47 cannot be used."
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    Been away from my online presence for a bit while sorting some things out. Got my head straight now though. So, first post here in a couple of months, where do I start? Covid19 is . Lack of airsoft is . I still, so far, have a job though which I'm grateful for. And my car hasn't yet shat it's gearbox out like people told me it would, so that's a plus point. How's everyone else keeping?
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    Been making a point to not buy anything during this mess because I already have too much as it is and didn't want to hamper an already swamped shipping industry. Caved on this because local seller and he needed the money. ANA suit in Border Guard pattern. First suit I have that has velcro on it, and surprisingly fits well. Coloration threw me off as it is more of a subdued Green than yellow, which makes me think more of a digitalized Blumentarn or Surpat. About the only positive thing this year so far.
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    WE and KY Airsoft posted updates today. All models should be out and available now. I will start discussions with KY Airsoft for a custom Glock 19 GEN5 MOS for myself!
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    A bit of progress, I only swapped from a chest rig to a plate carrier last year to make use of specific armour rules at a couple of milsims. Sent from my POT-LX1 using Tapatalk
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    @Fox3 I didn't take your mention as angry. But you know, this is a global forum, it's not like all police and military hate airsofters worldwide, but the places our hobby isn't hated are the ones where your attitude of respect for the professionals is mixed with the willingness to learn from the professionals. But that's quite a vague line, and some places they don't want us to learn their trade, at all... You don't need a ready list to start a thread there, if you check few threads, they aren't so much as showing a 'ready' kit than they are asking fellow enthusiasts for 'does anyone have an idea what vest they used in that episode of Expanse/Doctor Who/28 decades later'. It helps when you don't have to research everything yourself, and we at least used to have plenty of people from all over the world, so what might be rare in one area is common sight elsewhere in the second hand stores. Or something that people from somewhere just can't figure out, since it was the 'lucky find' of some movie's prop team, is something one of us used for months or even years while in service, and doesn't mind giving us the details on how 'yes, it was experimental winter coat the Russians tried in '88 when they were freezing on the trucks north of Kabul.' Of course, for SCP MTF, there's some definite lack of visual guides to follow or even ponder about. Although
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    Actually, I'll stick with my H8R Mk2 revolvers with their adjustable hop-up, no shells, quick to load 10 shot "full moon clips", ability to actually be suppressed, and railed for mini-red dot (or scope) and weapon light. I know they dont really exist in real-steel, but they are very very good.
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    Best info for camo suitable for your own location would be looking at what your armed forces wear at home. Same stuff might be hard/illegal, but it gives you the idea of the colour ratios to look for. Going for some exotic camouflage pattern can, indeed, be a pain with getting the whole set to match, since helmet covers in particular tend to be hard to come by. They are easiest to do yourself, though, if you can get the fabric from somewhere. I'd be a bit more inclined towards the olive drab than coyote, at least unless oyu can see in person how light the coyote actually is, but either should work in your environment, as long as you don't do too large patches of one.
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    What about just bead blasting? I’ve recently bead blasted a mafioso frame and slide and it looks amazing.
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    Forgot to update but I found the issue and it was my fault. I misjudged how the gas release valve works on the magazine. I put a small teflon where the o-ring is and then put the rubber on thinking it would help sealing. Well it did in a way it restricted the gas flow to a point it made the gun unable to shoot and since I did it on most of my magazines I didn't think about it at first. Oh well. Also we found out that the propane we bought was something else as even Marui guns had cooldown issues by now. It's annoying that I didn't think about it sooner I needlesly tried to repair my WE MP7 when the only problem was the gas. Bah.
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    I've used KJW G17/KP13 pistol magazines in my KJW, WE and TM pistols, so just get some of those and you should be fine.
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    Desert Eagle. I think the release of their Desert Eagle re-peaked my interest in WE. Before this I had also owned TM Desert Eagles with Creation and Guarder kits. The full length travel of the WE version pushed me into purchasing. Out of the box it is not a bad performer but I knew it could be better. Internals: Aside from a strip and lube with minor tweaks, I replaced the HOP rubber with TM and the inner barrel with a 6.02mm tightbore. This has given me more range than the standard set up. I also cut the recoil springs down to make it less sluggish and improve efficiency (I am using green gas). Externals: On occasion, I felt minor straightening of some lines was necessary (I am super fussy and was getting them Cerakoted anyway). Initially I wasn't that keen on the matt black finish as it almost made the markings look feint but with a wipe and buff using Superlube oil it looks much better in my opinion. I do still have one with a standard black finish. The fit and finish is generally good. Tolerances are fine and on the whole the design seems sound. Better materials and quality control is always preferable but that comes at a price. Yes, sure; it is an impractical, big old clunker and the same can be done in a smaller, more efficient package but I just don't care because I like them. How much? 🤣
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    Choate stock fitted. MI M-Lok ris WIP. Yes I'm a grown *albatross* man with Dr. Who sheets. No I won't apologise.
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