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    This project has been running for almost a year - not like I grind it everyday like a second job, but design > prototyping > testing > issues > new iteration at a slower pace. At the time of posting I'm considering it almost finished, let's say RC1 if I'm making a software, but I think this is still the best section to post my creation. PROBLEM: Current commercially available pistol-carbine "kits" are mostly for Glocks. Most, if not all, rely on insecure mounting methods in favor of quickly attachment/detachment - rendering aiming system less accurate (read: useless). Many different "host" gun models in the market, leading to inconsistent tolerance issues. Bulky clamshell looks bad and fat. MISSION: Make a conversion kit for Hi-Capa. Pistol securely mounted inside said kit, preferably able to return-to-zero after removal and reinstall. Looks cool AF. DESIGN CONSTRAINTS: Also many different Hi-Capas in the market, screw it and make it fits TM Hi-Capa 5.1 Only. Lack of proper mounting points, C-More sight mount pattern is used for drill/tap, drilling jig is created for easy installation. ALL custom parts have to be reasonably made on demand, main structural parts with be CNC milled carbon fiber sheets, and self made parts with FDM 3D printer How it started from a doodle early CAD model and 3DP pieces the most nitpicking mount, old gen non-adjustable ARMS QD on 3DP rail around the size of an Umarex/VFC MP7A1 first working prototype with all 3DP parts CF test piece and test fitting some updated 3DP parts and optional extended barrel piece, accommodates up to 250mm IB (M4 MWS) later CAD image very close to release version and, yeah, tons of test parts
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    3D printed a compensator for the VP9 on two different steel slide kits, the VP9 Tactical kit, and the ALC ported RMR kit. Will look to get it made in aluminium eventually!
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    Some glamour shots with two slightly different iterations, also showing few different modular features. RC1 with 250 barrel ext, integrated foregrip, ambi charging handle. Small side rail is M-LOK mounted, extra slots for lower mounting position and is mirrored on the right side. Same RC1, right side, 2 pos retractable stock in shorter position. Same, longer position, silver dots inside stock pad are neodymium magnets for easy stock deployment. The other magnets are visible near rear and of body. RC1 in black and Beta in gray, both wearing plastic parts printed in PLA-Plus - a slightly more impact-resistant variant of the material. Titanium screws are used on Beta because P R O T O T Y P E. Different kinds of muzzle piece, "Null" muzzle on Beta accommodates up to approximate 7 inch (~163mm according to pdi) inner barrel with barrel spacer printed in TPU (a flexible material). Stock barrel can also be used without hazard hitting the muzzle due to the bigger exit hole. 250 muzzle as the name suggests, accommodates an 250mm M4 MWS inner barrel. Also note Beta is sporting a left side only charging handle. Integrated foregrip VS bottom rail Foregrip features a 100-105 degree faces to mimic the same Hi-Capa angle, geometry near the top encourages a "thumb break" grip, a normal wrap around grip is possible but not very "optimized". 2-piece bottom rail design, rear section can be omitted during installation for a slimmer build, it also comes off with the host gun when maintenance is needed. A host gun without longer inner barrel can be released by removing SIX screws, host gun with looooong IB can be released by removing TEN and loosening TWO screws. In most instances, relative gun-optic position can be maintained with decent accuracy, stays in Alpha Zone of an action-air IPSC target at 10M range, but re-confirm is recommended.
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    It only took five weeks after attending Potential Officer Selection Training, but I was finally told the result and promoted. Now I just have to actually get a date to attend Westbury and do it all again to get Commissioned.
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    Brief background to the gun ; Arthurian Airsoft are a VERY new uk based Airsoft gun supplier that started in business late last yr , it appears to be run by S’ofters for S’ofters from the gumph I’ve read about it .The guns they sell are apparently Specna OEM guns but ‘tweeked’ to there spec , works been done on the gearbox , different inner barrel and there are external differences from the ‘stock’ Specna range . So I've been lusting after one basically since I first saw them , the particular model I liked was called the ‘Mordred’ in sandstone (also available in black) but not seen any reviews on them as there so new , any hoo I decided to take a chance and bite the bullet and get one sans reviews .first impressions;when it arrived via free next day delivery from Socomtactical first impression was lust ! 😍 it’s a gorgeous looking gun rapidly followed by “F**k me its heavy !” 😱 weighs a bloody ton BUT it does feel absolutely solid and bombproof.externally it comes with what appears to be an angry gun mk16 M-lok rail , a cranestock , set of KAC style BUIS and a nice little QD suppressor that fits on a scar type flash hider , in the box theres also a 300 hi-cap . One touch I do like about it is when you rack the bolt to adjust the hop the cover stays back until you press the bolt release , a nice touch so you DON’T need three hands to set the hop ! 🤦‍♂️.Out of the box it was doing a very consistent 331-334fps .whats it like to use ?;stuck a couple of mids through it in the back garden on arrival , first thought ? Lovely crisp sound to it and nice rate of fire and it feels quite ‘pointable’ moves around fast when held right .Had it’s first gameday yesterday at black ops Bristol’s Portishead site (a compact little woodland dulux/airsoft site) due to the recent up and down weather the undergrowth has literally exploded in to life ! But that’s fine with me as I love ‘sneaky sneaky’ single shot from cover style game play , max consistent ranges your looking at were around the 30-35mtr due to the heavy cover . BUT from the very first pull of the trigger I had absolutely no trouble what so ever tagging my targets (actually got a kill with the very first pull of the trigger ! blue player 20’ish mtr’s out single shot ! if it wasn’t for the fact I drove 1.30hr to get there and had a car full of team mates I mite have packed up and gone home I had that big a grin on my mush from it ! 🤣)As the day went on I could definitely see the range creeping out further and further as the hop was settling in and was having the tiniest of adjustments to it , by end of day I was easily tagging the blues out to the 30mtr mark (couldn’t see much further due the dense cover) and hitting them very near where I was aiming ( using a 1-4 short dot) Battery was a 750mah 9.9v LiFe and was feeding it .25’s , and as I’m a predominantly single shot type player (but not averse to burst fire if it’s warranted, non hit taking anyone?😇) there was zero effect on rates of fire due to the batt being a relatively small capacity one and a very full days play with it 👍. Pros; the look of it , it is a lovely looking gun and I’m a great believer in no matter how good a gun is if you don’t like it’s looks it just won’t perform for you , considering it’s a ‘stock’ gun you can most definitely tell it’s had some work done to it , it just feels and sounds crisp when using it , has nice sharp trigger pull no creep or softness to it , the hop cover locking back to adjust the hop .Cons;I’m still in the ‘honeymoon’ period but genuinely can’t think of any bar the weight (but it’s nice and compact and I actually like to use heavier guns) conclusion;Am I glad I bought it ? 100% yes ! would I buy another ? If yesterday was anything to go by I’d again say yes most definitely again , am actually looking at the rest of the range to see what catches my eye .at the moment they only have AR type platforms but have said there planing to expand the range of models .As a side note I was running Battleaxe 150rd P-mag mids I bought specifically for it and a review of them will follow .cheers Druid .  picture 1 is how it came and picture 2 is how I set it up .👍
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    As someone with OCD whom recently also bought MK16 URGI rail replicas I can give some information. I asked for advice from two members of this forum, @intinerious and @MRF. I hope they don't mind if I share some of the info they gave me via PM on the matter. As far as I know the following brands make URGI replicas as of right now: Angry Gun, C&C Tac, RA Tech/Airsoft Taiwan, HAO, Z-Parts, OMG, Arrow Dynamic (seems new). First up, info from @intinerious, which I can't thank enough for his experience and insight on things, five thumbs up! Some pics of his URGI build here: And here is what I got from @MRF And here are some pics of his build also: As for my personal experience, looking around at pictures, videos, information on websites etc. I think that the C&C Tac is the best choice out there in terms of overall quality, accuracy and finish for the price point. However! I did find one "major" (OCD alert) flaw with their 9.3" URGI rail in a post on reddit on the matter. The front of the C&C Tac 9.3" URGI rail has incorrect picatinny rail slots at the very front. The 13.5" has a big "block" at the front, which is correct, but the 9.3" is supposed to have a slim "normal" rail slot at the very front. The C&C Tac MK16 URGI rails install and fit perfectly on my WE M4 GBBR REF: I should also point out that my first C&C TAC MK16 URGI 9.3" DDC rail I bought from WGC Shop strangely came without any markings on it which was odd seeing as all websites showed the C&C with markings (or blurred out). Not sure what happened there. I bought both my C&C Tac MK16 URGI DDC rails from JK Army (9.3" and 13.5") and they both have markings on them.
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    Gotta go fast. First proper game in 8 months, came out aggressive and didn't loose a game all day. @hudsons89 in the background, doing his 'absorb all the fire' thing.
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    The old thread was locked.... Tokyo Marui, the base for a competition build.
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    well if badabing wants to meet up to compare the WE to the VFC he knows he is welcome to
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    Nope, special order only when required (which, due to the fact it takes months to get them in, half the lads aren't kitted before the parade/funeral etc I've worn down my heel block on my 2s shoes, single issue, and now have to pay £180 for a pair of cheap shoes. *cough* ebay *cough* I use mine to open champagne at weddings. They're ceremonial and the metal isn't great - so have a backup bottle opening kukri in the kitchen.
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    To quote In Bruges: “I know I shouldn’t...but I will.” *add to cart* https://www.facebook.com/906164832795417/posts/2267132580031962?s=582475499&v=e&sfns=mo
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    It may not be as flashy as some other rigs but it's mine and I like it! Flyye 6094 in RG with a Ferro concepts cummerbund, TMC GP pouch and Esstac Kywi triple mag pouch.
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    If you are getting errors at the moment, apologies I am buggering around with updating the software! :)
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    Arthurian Airsoft ‘Mordred’ in sandstone. all dressed ready to Rock’n’Roll this Sunday . 👍
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    Because Katotaka is presumably worried about the thread popping up on Google and doesn't want to rock the boat vis a vis angry lawyers heading shops' way.
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    @Bada Bing Maybe it could prove to be DMR worthy...! Who knows
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    So I guess there's a reason to use the TM Pro sight afterall, Lancaster (actually, haven't seen him on here for ages..!) just shot it pointblank with a bunch of guns and it didn't break, I'm sure many real steel sights wouldn't last half that
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    I've not seen any other disappearances. Check out Boom Arms, ShooterCBGear or Airsoft Global in the meantime.
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    Jan Vik's MPX Evo 3.... don't hate me cause I'm beautiful.
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    Make: KSC / KWA / Umarex Gun/Model: HK Mk.23 SOCOM Accessories: 1x 26rd magazine, Rail adaptor, Clone SureFire X300V, Original slide, outer barrel and BBU Condition: Mint FPS: Gas dependent, <328FPS Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/No/No Price/Payment: £425.00 plus shipping, PayPal Pictures: As below, more available on request. For sale is a KSC/KWA HK Mk.23 SOCOM. This is a GBB pistol licensed by Umarex with full HK trademarks. To make this pistol the most realistic and best-performing Mk.23 available, it has been comprehensively and completely upgraded with the very best the aftermarket has to offer, including: Mafioso Airsoft steel slide and outer barrel. This fully CNC-milled kit is notably better than the RA Tech alternative, with a more resilient finish and higher-quality machining. This kit is fully trademarked and no longer available. Volante Airsoft 'Aurora' high-volume BBU. This has a steel housing and aluminium nozzle, both CNC-milled, and is of a much more advanced design than the factory System 7/New System 2 unit. In particular, it has a much larger internal volume, allowing exceptional performance with the very heavy slide and outer barrel despite not using CO2 magazines. RA Tech 150% recoil spring for snappier slide return. G&P limited-edition welded steel KAC OHWS suppressor with full trademarks. This is the most realistic OHWS suppressor on the market, but is not available from the factory in the 16mm CCW thread which all airsoft Mk.23s use. This particular example was professionally rethreaded to suit the gun. Custom-made Mk.23 MIL-SPEC-1913/'Picatinny' rail adaptor, CNC-milled from billet aluminium. This fits over the proprietary HK rail and screws into the front of the trigger guard, just like the original Wilcox and Insight LAMs. This is far more secure than the alternatives currently available on the aftermarket. The gun will be supplied with the original KWA aluminium slide, plastic outer barrel, and complete BBU. If so desired, the clone SureFire X300V pictured with the gun can be included. The gun is in mint condition with no marks. It has never been skirmished; the overwhelming majority of the shots it has ever fired (about 250) were for the function video included in this listing. This pistol retails in the EU for approximately £175, the slide and outer barrel kit retailed (when available) for approximately £230, the BBU for approximately £100, the suppressor for approximately £45 including rethreading, and the rail adaptor for approximately £15 for a total retail value of £565. The SureFire retails for approximately £45. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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