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    Been liking the look of my 416 unsuppressed recently!
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    So a long time ago I got to use an AK in Slovakia that had a really nice dust cover rail on. Note how it's nearly identical to the Texas Weapon System rail, except it has the original rear sight on. Since I own the Asura TWS clone, I thought maybe all I need to do is replace the "bridge" to do what the little rail does on top. ^Asura rail. Work in progress: Still need a bit of tweaking, the rear sight sits 1.5mm higher than the original position, so if I cared enough I would adjust the front sight up by the same amount. Gotta come up with a way to put a spring in there to keep good tension, and a few more fitment issues, after that it's ready to get printed in steel!
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    Reading an article about Detective Inspector Terry Hopkins, Police Officer and Veteran who killed himself on Christmas Eve. And then being angry, angry that the government doesn't look after Veterans yet can push pay rises through (as well as their bloody expenses, isn't that what a salary is for?) and pay for this Brexit cluster*fruitcage* but won't help people it sent into harms way. Angry that people don't really seem to give a *suitcase* as it's not a celebrity, it's not smut, it's not apocalypse level events (though to the family I'm pretty sure it is). Angry that people feel their only solution is to take their own lives because we've stigmatised mental health ("committed suicide") and people don't think they can share their problems and theres not enough work being done by the government to get the message out.
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    PBS-1 replica arrived for my Bizon. Had to dremel out a bit on the end (and fight the gearbox again after having to take it out to put longer inner barrel in). Despite being non-steel it still got a bit of heft to it and oddly enough makes the bizon front heavy somewhat now (which is what most folks assume the bizon on its own to be when it isn't airsoft wise). I'm sure the longer barrel won't play nice with the cylinder but hey, maybe it will drop the fps down low enough again to make it 5 ft MED again.
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    Another little un. Had this Prime SIS Ultra kit in my projects stash for years, finally got around to gettin Negative Airsoft to build it for me on an old WA Kimber Parts gun I had. Was hardest WA Build he's ever done apparently, partly down to old knackered donor gun and partly down to kit. It loos lovely but design is very poor. Where the SIS is cut into slide the remaining metal is way to thin and infact can me flexed with finger tip. Anyway great job Luke thanks a lot. This one will be a safe queen I think. lol
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    -Everyone so surprised it's so quiet -'I haven't been on here in yeeeeaaaaars' 😂
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    TM please make a GBB version of this in the future. This thing just too adorable.
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    I mean it's not very friendly, but on the other hand, why make a big thing out it (the initial situation). *suitcase* happens.
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    In case anyone is still interested, slow trickle of new stock available on their website now. It's a faint pulse but still alive nevertheless.
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    "Hey Jim what's the best way to show off our new toys which specifically make the gunshot louder" "Compare it against a pistol that doesn't have the toy!" "Great idea. I can't figure out what's missing though." "How about music which makes it really *fruitcage* hard to hear the difference?" etc.
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    Recently bought a TM recoil G36k from a nice chap on Prefired for a KSK build , progress so far .
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    https://www.taiwangun.com/en/electric/cm-093-cyma?from=listing&campaign-id=19 https://www.taiwangun.com/en/electric/cm-093c-cyma?from=listing&campaign-id=19 There are actually many models variants coming out: http://www.020mag.com/revista/mobile/64/page/11?fb_comment_id=2479518658785767_2530913156979650 Most interestingly, there are AEGs available in Asia with engraved markings: http://blog.livedoor.jp/may0522-bellpapa/archives/53001563.html
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    I can see activity here picking back up in the near future. If nothing else, this medium lends to more civil discourse and helpful answers than social media.
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    I've actually said that in an interview. Love it. I'll give the terralux heads a look too, thanks.
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    Got my setup complete, still haven't skrimed with it yet but damn it's satisfying to shoot.
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    Sprayed the upper on my mk18 build. Can't wait to wear it in some..
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    Fantastic day out at the local field, weather was great (may have gotten sunburn a bit, was expecting dreary cloud cover and rain), and we had a great turnout. Rolled with a few players from a team called Combat Junkies, of which one was given use of a microgun all day and it was a blast. Bizon with extended barrel setup worked nicely, though hop was a bit wonky at times, still need to figure out settings for different weights. Cyma 40d worked as usual, though I was arcing many a shot to try and reach out to people. Only bummer was finding that the lonex chamber+flathop modded G&G green bucking combo I had put in the main kalash resulted in utter failure (talking 20 ft max with no hop applied), going to have to see if it the bucking or the chamber specifically, or else back to what it had before again. Other slightly humorous note: Sumrak pants so big on me now that even when tied tight they kept losing retention and sliding down around my knees. Think I might have lost too much weight lately. Already thinking of stuff to go sink a paycheck into again.
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    Aye, it's as old as warfare itself. Just it's far easier to come across with the advent of social media. It shouldn't be down to charities to pick up the pieces, to have to rely on people's generosity as opposed to the responsibility of the government.
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    I really want to imagine these are all for one client who plays in full Deadpool cosplay and brings all of them with him onto the field strapped in whatever way he can.
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    Props to that guy for managing to take a good photo of this ultra boring looking pistol... Here are some preliminary shots of mine. The slide and frame are the same shade and sheen of black which makes it look like a rubber movie prop gun 😛 Maybe a thin coat of silicone oil on the slide would make it pop? FYI I was just doing some initial tests of my improved light setup with 6 ring lights instead of 3 so that made for some pretty flat and uniform lighting which this pistol did not benefit from. Also not a big fan of the pistol as a whole, but mainly based on what it is replicating. I.e. the Sig Sauer P320/M18. So, what I mean is that I don't dislike the WE replica of this pistol, but the original RS one it is a replica of. If that makes sense 😛 KY Airsoft custom markings version.
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