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    Places left on US Rangers and Sinners Ten only! Only 3 weeks left to book in! NOTE:£10 DISCOUNT TO ALL PLAYERS WHO ATTENDED OP:OCEAN FURY Booking for this event opens 1st March. OP: TRIDENT STRIKE 31st May -2nd June 2013 MEXICO: Mazatlan 21st April 45 Nautical miles west of San Diego. It was a plane load of day trippers who spotted the strange looking craft from the cirrus SR22.the pilot was banking the craft at 1000ft to give everyone a view of the ocean below, when the cigar shaped object became visible against the white sand shallows. It was Making slow headwa
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    OP: Ocean Fury COPEHILL DOWN 30-31 March 2013 Somalia: Port city of Kismayo 3rd August 2012 Kismayo is a key asset for the Somalian pirate gangs, allowing supplies to reach areas under their control and providing a lawless heaven for their operations, and it is believed that Kismayo harbours the main banking operation channelling ransom money to the Al-Shabaab terrorist organisation, the loss of this facility will de-stabilise the pirate operations on the gulf of Somalia undermine support for Al-Shabaab in Somalia. 5th August 2012 Amisom troops begin combat operations to bring Kisma
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