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    Sadly right now photobucket is down, but then I wasn't allowed a camera in the good part anyway, so for now, here's the world's most innocent looking door: Behind that is another door, and then a security lobby with another steel multi-reinforced and locked door, and then a metal detector, and then another door and then... well, for a gun geek like me it was a 'god rays shining down, angels singing' moment. 28,000 guns of every variety, from the tiniest little matchlock pistol to 40mm+ aircraft cannon and literally everything inbetween, from the earliest breech loading muskets to the L129A1 sharpshooter rifle. As I mentioned before, very, very sadly we were only allowed phones/cameras inside the public museum part, but for now while it's still fresh in my mind, here's a list of some of the guns I had a play with this morning: -5 barreled breech loader Navy boarding rifle -Quad and triple barreled matchlock pistols -A pair of front loading revolvers given as a gift by Mr Colt himself, intricately detailed with images of sailing ships all over -One rifled muzzle loader used by Sharpe's infamous unit -A wide array of muzzle and breech loading matchlock rifles and pistols, sadly not my area of expertise but really beautiful objects -Pair of fluted breech loaders used when dueling was still in the Olympics (up to 1909) -H&K MP5k with Saudi markings -Gold plated MP5k -Gold plated Stirling SMG with Ivory grips -Gold AKs-47 -UMP chambered in 9mm -L1A1 from the NI era -L85A2 with DD rail, GPS Grip-pod and SUSAT -L129A1 with irons, folding VFG, Harris bi-pod, LMT crane stock, ERGO type grip, Magpul 20 rounder and TangoDown rail covers -MP44 with corner-shot device (mental thing) -Something that looked exactly like an AK, but was actually a crazy 7mm bolt action -Some Sterling SMGs and Thompsons knocked up by an IRA bloke using nothing but a Black & Decker drill, a hand file and materials from a DIY shop -RPG-7 -Carl Gustav -Glock 17 -7.5" M4A1 with a free-floating rail, made by a company I've never heard of and can't remember -20s dated Tommy gun with 50 round drum, radiated barrel and the classic wooden VFG -M1A1 Thompson -USAS-12 (omg so hawt) -M700 with probably the smoothest bolt in the world and an electronic trigger Also, a small part of the stuff I saw but didn't get a chance to play with: -M3 Grease gun with corner-shot attachment -40mm ground attack aircraft cannon from WWI -About 200 Bren guns and the various ancestors/derivatives -M82A1 and A3 -16" L119A1 with H&K UGL -M60s -G3s -Various iterations of the Uzi -Pretty much every MP5 ever and some that I've never seen before, including one with a 40mm launcher -Lord know how many AKs from every country that makes them -AR-15s and AR-10s from the very beginning with the cocking handle on top all the way through to now -US WWII 'trench' shotguns -SPAS-12s -A breech loader taller than me and quite possibly heavier -Some concealable stabbing/cutting weapons that could easily slip through stringent airport security and just as easily kill someone, won't go in to details on those though; sufficed to say a 10p, a fork and a hairbrush can make quite an arsenal -L96 -Plenty of Lee-Enfields -Shed loads of Browning HPs and Sigs -FG42s -PPSHs -M79 -Multi-chambered grenade launchers -HK53/33 -Steyr AUG -G36s -Absolutely *suitcase* loads of stuff that I couldn't identify -Absolutely *suitcase* loads that I can't even remember now because there was so damn manyyyyy So yes, we'll be paying that place another visit in not too long. Who can say no to getting a free trip on works' time to look at that sort of a collection?
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    Some of our members were not getting forum digest emails. This has now been fixed by Invision. Sadly it was a bug that was discovered by us and then reported to Invision that turned out to be an issue that affected all deployments of the new software. Our board have now been fixed with a patch, this will have resulted in quite a few emails going out as the backlog of digests went out. As of now all forum digests should be going out on time and as expected. The patch has been rolled out to the next version of the forum software and this should mean that the issue no long affects anyone again.
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    And it happened again. I posted a topic and the first replies were ' use google', or 'after five hits on google' and similar. As much as I sometimes get annoyed with people posting questions on '1+1', I always invest that 5 seconds and write the answer (which is '2' by the way). What's the point of a forum, when all your asnwers are 'UTFG', 'find this', 'find that', 'moron, use search function' and so on? Maybe someone doesn't have as much time or it just doesn't occur to them, so we who have the spare 5 seconds at that time do the search for them. Is it such a big problem? Honestly.

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