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  1. From the album: Dave's cool stuff album

    Shamelessly posing with Old Painless at Airsoft Plantation's weekender this weekend before our chopper ride.

    © Jon Kemp media

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  2. From the album: Misc.

    ArniesAirsoft: Where real, positive change, happens.
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  4. From the album: Weaponry

    They hatin'

    © Christopher Kinnerley 2012

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  7. From the album: My custom GBB M4

    Started of as a G&P WOC, spend a *suitcase* load on Inokatsu and real steel parts... left them in a bedroom to breed and came out looking like this... and yes its built for HEAVY recoil not ROF. Extras Real Steel Flash hider Real Steel BUIS Real Steel Charging Handle (Colt) Real Steel Handguard Cap Inokatsu Steel outer barrel Inokatsu Steel Flash Hider Inokatsu Grip Inokatsu stock tube and stock Inokatsu super 2011 Steel Bolt carrier with extra weight and RA Tech NPAS CNC Alu bolt / nozzle Real Steel Buffer and Spring Custom Bolt catch CNC from solid steel heat treated an
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  8. From the album: Album 1

    Pair of custom made Ruger Mk1's I did. one given an old school Vietnam era look and the other inspired by: .
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  9. From the album: Pistols

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  10. From the album: Misc.

    If you're seeing this right now, you're probably guilty.
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  11. From the album: Weaporn

    © by Vivax

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  12. From the album: Weaporn

    © Vivax

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  13. From the album: Weaporn

    © Vivax

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  14. From the album: Weaporn

    © Vivax

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  15. From the album: Sandstorm Loadouts

    US Marshall loadout from late 19th century. Loadout / model Sandstorm

    © Photo (c) by Marko Saari, non-commercial usage allowed

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  16. From the album: Custom strichtarn chestrig

    East German NVA strichtarn combat chest rig (modern edition)
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  17. From the album: Mike West's Toybox

    My KJW Ruger 10/22, hammered into a Muzzelite stock. No hints as to why it's called The Ugly Stick.
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  18. From the album: Pistols

    M9 with a trigger guard laser and the Knights Armament Company's Quick Detach silencer/barrel (made by VFC/GB Tech)
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  19. From the album: Pistols

    KSC USP Compact System 7 Shooters Design Slide and Barrel Safariland Holster Rothco "Bauer" Bag
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  20. From the album: CZECH ARMY

    video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V74apU1dFEI&context=C4b94cf7ADvjVQa1PpcFOdN3y7-9FDijmeZ9BO9t6-o_P7xJuVTcc%3D Enjoy :-)
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  21. From the album: Gear

    SADF recce kit
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  24. From the album: Weaponry

    For those of you who don't frequent the 1911 picture thread.

    © Christopher Kinnerley 2013

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  26. From the album: Rhodesian/Africa Bush war project

    An assortment of 58, 37 and dutch pouches ready to be mixed, matched and painted up
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  30. From the album: My engraving work

    © Mc Duck

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  31. From the album: CQBR

    The upper and lower are cannibalized from my old 16" FSP setup.
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  33. From the album: Misc.

    Lens flare through RS ACS.

    © &c Christopher Kinnerley 2011

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  34. From the album: Ivan le Fou's guns.

    + M6 STAR & X-Fire Threaded barrel.
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  35. From the album: uscmCorps - Guns

    Update on the parts list: Systema Internals King Arms Hop Up Prometheus Tightbore Inner Barrel RS Daniel Defense MK18 RIS II in FDE RS Daniel Defense Low Profile Gas Block RS Troy Front and Rear BUIS in FDE RS Magpul FDE Rail Cover Ladders in FDE RS Magpul Mil Spec CTR in FDE Magpul PTS Receiver in FDE Magpul PTS Sling Plate Magpul PTS MIAD in FDE King Arms 10.5" Barrel King Arms VLTOR Flashhider LaRue Tactical Low Profile Pride Fowler IronDot (Cover in FDE) RS ARMS Picatinny Mount
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  36. http://www.sat13.com

    © S.A.T.13 © 2000-2010

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