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    Yo Dawg I heard you like shotguns.. .... so you can reload while you reload
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    After searching for an airsoft RPG-7 for a very long time I finally found one and picked it up. I like to fire foam projectile grenades and home made sabot/ buckshot rounds and found the barrle length was a little short to get decent range with the rpg. So I decided to make my own barrle extensions. I tapped the ends to except the threads on the gas bases of taggin shells and then rest is just dress up to make the 40mm pvc waste pipe look like RPG rockets. Now there is loads of range and rockets can be loaded with various projectiles to suite the situation. I thought this was worth posting up as I believe this turns the previously underperforming but beautiful RPG-7 40mm launcher into a range beast.
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    It looks like Northeast, after doing their Sten, are setting their sights on GBB Uzis. Mini and full sized.
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    I resurrect this thread to post a WE Apache, to which I fit a surplus German SEF trigger housing and original slimline handguard with no modification to the airsoft parts and a lot of swearing and Dremeling to that trigger housing. I even had to redesign how the selector switch locks into the trigger pack, because the normal catch on the selector pin was hitting the stop catch in the trigger pack before it could reach the FA position. Anyways, now it works, and since the airsoft guts were unaffected it's 100% reversible if I want the Navy pack back. I also scored an original Surefire grip at a local gun show so I'm on my way to a Stargate build or something.
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    GHK M4 CQBR, circa 2006 NSW style. GHK Colt Licensed CQBR 2019 GBB Car15 Stock/John Masen Pad Element Wilcox/G&P M2 VFC LMT Rear Sight G&P Peq2a Element KAC vert grip 5KU KAC Can Surefire M951 Old Gen
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    GBB Uzi, full steel and made mostly with real parts. KWC Mini uzi internals. www.facebook.com/realfakeguns www.youtube.com/realfakeguns www.instagram.com/realfakeguns
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    Collecting the cash. (Real parts GBB Uzi) www.facebook.com/realfakeguns www.youtube.com/realfakeguns www.instagram.com/realfakeguns
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    VFC have a GBB FAL in the works. Nice.
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    GHK Platform Built by @blobface Unfortunately, I overlubed
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    If anyone's interested in nostalgia, I've just rehosted JustPistols. You can find it at http://justpistols.epizy.com Apologies for typos/broken links/etc/etc/etc... Cheers.
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    GROUP PIC Tier 1 pewpews The new Airsoft Artisan DD HK416 rail's out, can finally finish my Devgru gun: I'm gonna swap the HK416 grip back onto the gun (the Magpul one's a placeholder for now). The barrel nut for the DD rail's proprietary so you'll have to purchase it (I got mine from JK Army) with either GBBR spec or AEG/EBB spec. It's proprietary because the inner cross section of the rail is the same throughout the length of the rail, but that's not the case with the real one since the inner diameter shrinks to fit the HK416 barrel nut. But, because they'll have to do more CNC work that way, I think AA decided to just run a proprietary barrel nut instead (which is actually 3 piece). I'm not too happy about that but, you can't see the barrel nut anyway so whatever. They're the only manufacturer that has released the unicorn rail so I'll have to make do. The MFR rail panels (there's 2) are also not mounted the same way the real one is mounted but again, you can't see the mounting solution so whatever. The font used on the DD rail's also wrong, but if you're not a stickler for details you won't see it (it was pointed out to me by a friend that's a designer and a massive DD fan).
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    So after picking up a mauser carbine dead cheap, I decided to get the pistol. I'd also struggled to find magazine pouches for it that'd hold the long mags, and would go with a leather belt and holster. Picked up this pouch for a couple of quid off ebay. It was very pale tan, and in pretty rough shape. A good wash and scrub took the mildew off and after being braced with some plastic while it dried it was an acceptable shape again. A bit of boot polish to finish up and it looks quite lovely.
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    GHK Colt Competition AR, based on a RS I used in the US a while back, replicated in Airsoft for nostalgic reasons, 16" stainless barrel made by LCs Engineering Outpost.
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    Choate stock fitted. MI M-Lok ris WIP. Yes I'm a grown *albatross* man with Dr. Who sheets. No I won't apologise.
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    My "Rhodesied" VFC G3 gbb No.2: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Custom Mk48 mod 1 WIP built on an A&K M249. -Custom CNC machined barrel assembly -Custom CNC machined feedtray cover -Custom ABS 3D printed Mk48 trigger housing prototype -Modified A&K Mk46 rail into an Mk48 mod 1 rail (soon to be swapped for a custom CNC machined one) -Real M240 feedtray (custom CNC feedtray in production) -Real 100 rds ammo pouch with A&K 1500 internals -Real M249 improved bipod (will be swapped for the Mk48 titanium bipod shortly)
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    Well, I forgot that post edition time is quite limited... Better shots.
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    Still needs a little bit of work on the stock tube, putty, sand and paint on the handguards, and a shorter flash hider, but I am really happpy with the result. G&P XM-177 ACM 8.5" barrel ACM stock, stock tube, front sight assembly and gas tube G&P OEM handguards (in case I ruined the whole thing. Plus, I want to be able to turn it back into the original XM-177 whenever I want).
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    How about a British Police medic. Don't forget the healing baton.
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    I want my remains to be scattered at Disneyland in Paris. I do not want to be cremated.

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