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    SLR 8" SBR build done. Just waiting for a few accessories (sling end plate, AAC Blast Shield, Cloud Defensive LCS, and an actual working ScoutLight head) and repairing my BTC Spectre, but otherwise all done. All accessories are real steel except for main body components and the fake MRO.
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    I've been posting the occasional update on Reddit, but thought I'd share here too. I'm using what I *think* is parts from a G&G FS51 to create something like the image below: So far I've taken the stock and moved the crook backwards to look closer to the correct stock, here's the original compared to what I've made: Next to the stock is the quick change barrel handle that I've made using ABS sheet plastic, cut on the bandsaw and layered using a coldweld solvent: Here's what I've made so far, using aluminium tube for the handguard, sawed out and shaped with files. The cocking tube and outer barrel have been cut and extended using 20mm steel tube, and are epoxied and pinned in place. The box mag has had the internals stripped out and replaced with a 16mm push button: Next up is the new magwell/feedtray which will be aluminium sheet, and adding the upper rails to the reciever and cocking tube, these parts are due in next week. The box mag will be mounted onto a cut down G3 magazine, so that it can feed reliably and be easily be removed for the safezone. I have an FS51 lower and fire selector on the way, but potentially up to a 25 day wait due to the pandemic. More to follow!
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    The GHK Collective. All built by @blobface
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    Getting there, slowly. I call the shell done. Now time for internals... I don't think that You can go any better with regular AEG gun, not using RS parts - in terms of external finish and similarity to real stuff. Brief parts list: - King Arms Colt marked receiver set, cerakoted in-da-house (I do what I must because I can ) - steel magazine catch and selector lever (G&P and King Arms) - VFC CQD sling mount (in courtesy of intinerious) - C&C Tac Geissele Mk16 rail (yeah, HAO is better, so I stashed it for possible MWS build ) - C&C Tac Geissele ACH - Madbull steel outer, 14,5 inch, mid-lenght (unfortunately regular, not heavy profile, but hey - You can't have everything ) - HAO Geissele low profile gas block, corrected with Cerakote (originally this part had flawed, uneven finish - which is pretty weird for this "hi-end" brand) - G&P 5 position stock/buffer pipe/tube, choose the term You want - Evolution Gear EXPS - PTS MOE grip and trigger guard So, yeah, it's not exactly URG-I clone, but very close, obviously. I really happy how it turned out. Next build will be based on KAC ambi lower by King Arms, and 10,5 Mk16 rail I hope to be released by HAO one day. So, the beggining was like: And here's final result:
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    My current 6mm pride & joy GHK based Block I CQBR
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    AC Unity 60 Rounder modded to take GHK internals, got it half price as it has cracked windows. Still work in progress, physically fits but don't dare test fire just yet until alignment is good. Once that's done, will look into expanding BB capacity and potentially even gas if it requires it. (Probably not necessary given default mag already goes through far more than one fill and I'm unlikely going to be able to double capacity. Helped by @Bada Bing's video for general mag mod tips, so thanks for that.
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    ADAR 15 is a weird Russian AR featured in Escape from Tarkov, even though they go for $2000+ irl, they are used as a low end cheap gun that shoots 5.56 in the game... let's just say I was bored. My printer cannot handle the entire size, so had to split it into two, filament used is Fillamentum's Timberfill Cinnamon. I believe they're PLA mixed with sawdust. Sticking the parts together with Araldite and wood filler. Finished with a medium oak stain. Going for a distressed look to both go with what's in the game, but also to mask my lack of manual craftsmanship. The handguard's wood effect layers look pretty good. Stock pad printed in a flexible mateiral (Flexible PLA, not TPU), joints are kinda visible, they're worse irl especially on this side. Pic rail Cobra, paired with rs 20 round PMAG for looks, I hope to one day make it work with the GHK. PWS style muzzle device, made to take the guts of a AceTech Lighter S internal. Dummy P-MAG 60 from an AEG and a tan Elcan 1-4x. For those scavs who are feeling a bit rich. C H E E K I B R E E K I
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    I'm here to bore you with more H&K pics.
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    My GHK uppers. Top: CQBR Bottom: 16" Recce
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    It looks like Northeast, after doing their Sten, are setting their sights on GBB Uzis. Mini and full sized.
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    I resurrect this thread to post a WE Apache, to which I fit a surplus German SEF trigger housing and original slimline handguard with no modification to the airsoft parts and a lot of swearing and Dremeling to that trigger housing. I even had to redesign how the selector switch locks into the trigger pack, because the normal catch on the selector pin was hitting the stop catch in the trigger pack before it could reach the FA position. Anyways, now it works, and since the airsoft guts were unaffected it's 100% reversible if I want the Navy pack back. I also scored an original Surefire grip at a local gun show so I'm on my way to a Stargate build or something.
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    WE MP5 with VFC torch:
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    VFC have a GBB FAL in the works. Nice.
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    So... I heard we are on a H&K thread. I have some H&K stuff. KWA gbb fresh from this morning.
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    Yes, I bought one. Very nicely made but the outer barrel needs to be opened up inside very slightly if you want to fit a longer inner barrel. 10mm diameter and 10mm more depth will do it I also put in a Guns Modify lightweight blowback chamber to bring the moving mass weight back down a touch.
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    Seeing as people are curious 😉 PS: I also have the WA Leon Beretta to make the set complete 🙃
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    WE M4 CQB-R , what's left of it at least.
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    GHK Platform Built by @blobface Unfortunately, I overlubed
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    If anyone's interested in nostalgia, I've just rehosted JustPistols. You can find it at http://justpistols.epizy.com Apologies for typos/broken links/etc/etc/etc... Cheers.
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    - Me : "I need a break." - Banker : "Yeah, tell me about that !"
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