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    G&D DTW: -Aimpoint PRO RS -Wilcox Industries Comp-M Mount -Raptor Ambi-Charging Handle -Noveske NSR 9 -FCC Multi Barrel G2 -B5 Systems Sopmod Bravo Stock -AAC 51T Blackout Flash Hider -Noveske Keymod QD Direct Attach Swivel Mount -Bcmgunfighter Grip Short Keymod -MOE grip -Surefire M300 Mini Scout -AN/PEQ-15 LA5 -Insight Technology M3X Dual Pressure Switch -Strike Industries Cobra Trigger Guard
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    When I go to the post office: "Hello. I'd like to post this please. OK, Thanks. Bye" The people in front of me at the post office: "I'd like to open these 7 accounts please. Oh, I haven't filled out any of the paperwork. I'd also like to send 15 postal orders and can I split them on these 7 debit cards please"
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    I'm willing to give a bit of leeway to the elderly that can't get on with lots of stuff moving to online services. I appreciate the local PO is quite important to them but I often find it's not the oldies that take the with this sort of stuff.
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    9 times out of 10. It's always some 'coffin dodger'.
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    Seems like a lot of 'old timers' are coming back into airsoft.... maybe it's got something to do with Covid and the lockdown and realising how much good fun airsoft used to be....I know I'm all pumped up to start playing again.... bought a 417 and a 416 over the last few months and I'm eager to get out there.......
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    Just logged on after 14-ish years outside of the UK Airsoft scene, but I did play a couple of games in Sweden in the mean time (I'm sure there are folks here who have been to or at least heard of Berget). Hoping to get back into things once the all-clear from COVID-19 sounds, so I've already started gearing up (will have to rent a rifle to begin with though, since mine is in Sweden and importing it would be a bit risky). Crazy how many people are coming back around the same time. Looking forward to seeing some of you in the field! 😁
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    Can’t believe I found someone selling a near mint condition Hera Arms kit! Not quite as readily skirmishable as the armourer works kit since the pistol is semi permanently locked in there with a trigger pin, but cool none then less.
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    12: 52 am here as I type this. Just woke up from heat coma after resting from game on Saturday. Had a great time despite the sun trying to kill me. RPK ran with the Drum just fine (still shoots like *suitcase* and speedsofter with hpa tapped ar-9's outshoot me) but not having to carry anything but the replica was a nice change of pace for most of the day. Had another player I remember from previous games that could not get his gbbr working right and other misfortunes, so I loaned him my ak105 for the rest of the time he played. He loved it and kept saying it was slick, which made me smile since I was sure it wasn't going to work well having just changed the spring and one shim section on it recently (and the general gremlin curse all my stuff has). I ended up using it towards the end of the day and getting a few more kills (even against one of the hosts who became my shot trading partner for the last two games). Not sure I can handle another Summer game like that though, took a lot out of me despite my efforts of hydration prior and during it.
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    That is nice and clean, Blob. Finally finished off my spare parts and got another fully assembled Glock out of it. Have one of all gens except 1 now. Nice thing is I have 3 spare barrels and hops, and now 2 plastic slides, and 2 metal slides in the collection. So I can be ready all times of the year! Gen2 USA version G25 (KJW) Gen3 blank G19 (KJW) Gen4 G17 (Army, HK3P) with suppressor ready barrel, and spare Gen5 G34 (TM, KJW) I lost the front fibre sight, threw it away as they’re for the genuine article and I bodged the filing it down to fit. For now it’s got a tritium front instead. AW Custom kit for turning fine into a Carbine, and a stock to turn another into one, for why nots.
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    It made gun meme review.
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    If pocket pistols don't sell badly , then why not make the PPK or M1934? I have owned both the M1934 and the PPK GBBs (both disintegrated on me) Who here has actually bought a WE pocket pistol? And why?
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    Hey I like unique stuff. Just not pea shooters for smurfs.
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    Working on a little project. CYMA 870 with real Remington wood kit. Pump modifications are proving to be a pain in the *albatross* as one would expect.
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    Had to glue the side carrier on as the holes don’t line up on spring versions which is a shame. Also the dummy feed tube actually fits 2 more shells inside. Padded it out to stop the rattling but nice to have emergency spares. Front sight stolen from my spares box from an ACM M500 but looks good I think
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    Golden Eagle M870 Tactical in Tan. This spent 40 days in UK customs and I got it earlier this week. Initial impression is that it's well made and it can handle Guarder black gas. It comes with 3 shells which work well although the labels will fall off shortly. Gas tank seems well made and I have a slight leak if I push down on the stock but I think this will be cured by tightening the screws in the stock. The only thing I have added is a TM shell holder. The paint will chip and flake off quite easily I think but as a working gas shotgun it's very good. I have a few TM M870's and I think this is a good cheaper option for anyone on a budget.
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    Another Cyma spring M870
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    Here's My pump and auto section of shotguns most deserve a better post of their own. Most are in one way or another custom projects
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    Maruzen M1100 Magazine Version. Tightbore barrel, external CO2 mod, and real steel modified wooden foregrip
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    Learnt how to dissassemble my Cyma tri shot. Also fitted a rail to the top receiver. Pretty pleased with it even though it's not dead centre on the gun, it's straight enough by far. A much needed addition to these. Sadly the shell carrier I bought was no good. Designed for real shells and required too much work to make TM shells fit. So the old cheap Velcro patch will have to do for now.
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    almost done...think I will add the G&P forearm to my breacher

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