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  1. Arnie
    Some of our members were not getting forum digest emails. This has now been fixed by Invision. Sadly it was a bug that was discovered by us and then reported to Invision that turned out to be an issue that affected all deployments of the new software. Our board have now been fixed with a patch, this will have resulted in quite a few emails going out as the backlog of digests went out.
    As of now all forum digests should be going out on time and as expected. The patch has been rolled out to the next version of the forum software and this should mean that the issue no long affects anyone again.
  2. Arnie
    I've updated our forum to the latest gallery version. This should fix a few niggly bugs that you might have seen.
    I've also rebuilt the search indexes at the same time. Please report any issues on the usual areas of the forum.
  3. Arnie
    Firstly I'm going to try to document forum updates and other work completed to the site here in my forum blog. This will keep all the forum related updates in one place.
    I've completed several updates to the forums today. We're now running the latest IPS versions for Gallery and Blog. There should be several bug fixes and feature adjustments with these new versions; I don't get a list I'm afraid or I'd publish it.
    I've also taken comments on the trading system on board and we now have a feedback system installed for people to rate traders. I'm also inviting comment on whether we should update the sales system entirely or stick with topic based trading.
    If there are bugs, problems or you just have an idea or input you'd like to see considered please do use the suggestion area to tell us!
    You can find a topic covering these updates here.
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