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  1. Right, we need to update to PHP 7 to update the forum software. The Tapatalk add-on is also there but now out of date. I'll have to rejig the server side, upload the new software and run the latest updates to get it all going again. Anyone have any preferences to the time of day or day to run it?
  2. If you are getting errors at the moment, apologies I am buggering around with updating the software! :)
  3. Off-topic, having spent all day working with WD40, grease, chain oil/cleaner wiring/cables and other tools I really REALLY wish I had kept the rubber gloves on all day. My fingers are toast, on the bright side my auxiliary wiring on the motorbike is much tidier and professionally installed now.
  4. right had a look at the image links you posted above, I can't see them and they show bloked for me. I think you can see them as they are chached or private to you. Are you following the procedure to get a shared link off Google Photos or just copying the link from the address bar? This video suggests your links should be quite a lot shorter when generated:
  5. Remind me if I forget, will have a look tonight to fix it for you.
  6. All done. Any issues let me know!
  7. Yeah sorry they expire every three months. I've just updated it and all should be working now!
  8. So a random updte went automatically onto the server last night which caused DNS to no longer function. Whilst we could get in and see the server direct external requests and name resolution was not functional. I've fixed this now, sadly it necessitated a reboot of the entire machine and gentle poking of the relevant services wasn't working!
  9. I changed the date range on mine and can go back more than 12 years (which was a bit of a flashback), it might be that you need to tweak the date range a bit? There's also a button that loads more at the bottom as you only get so many results at a time.
  10. Which link are you using? I will have a poke around. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  11. I have some of the chinese LXT batteries they work very well and were cheap!
  12. Okay, the email queue is now empty. It's all been cleared out.
  13. I got stuck with Makita LXT kit, so as that's the batteries I have that's the tools I grab (when I can)
  14. The backlog is down (not completely gone), have the emails started coming through okay for you?
  15. If you go to this page https://arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/discover/followed-content/ you can then toggle "content I started/posted etc" and then save it as a new stream of your own. That should give you a stream of updates for stuff you've posted.
  16. Just wanted to be sure I was looking for the right solution, so stuff of yours that others have reacted to? There are a number of activity streams that the new version supports (top left). Certianly one of them is content you follow and that will show updates in there for anything you're subscribed to. It will show likes etc, but not specifically just only posts of yours that have been liked. What you've specifically asked for is something that's been raised with IPB before (see here: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/424544-cant-customize-all-activity-but-new-stream-cant-ad
  17. There's a huge email backlog, mainly because the server was procesing something like 8000 emails to go out when the new machine went live. We're now down to 2000ish and I'm pushing the box to send them out as quick as it can to clear the backlog. With the whole rebuild done now it "should" have the backlog cleared in a day or so now.
  18. I have upped your (and everyone else's) Mb quota, try uploading now. If you want old topics closed I can close them but you can easily go in to your topics an dadd replies with images attached to them
  19. Just installed a plugin to minimise quotes to a few lines. It's transparent so doesn't affect board content and can be turned off. Seems to work, what do you think?
  20. How old are the topics you want to edit? If they are very old the site won’t let you edit them. I would suggest posting the new content either in the topic and asking us to merge it or starting a new topic and closing the old one.
  21. related to this thread, I've updated the SSL certificate today as it expired, should continue as normal
  22. Okay all complete. The server is currently baulking at sending out the group email I originally wrote when we relaunched the rebuilt system. That was stuck in the queue as well. the index should all be built now.
  23. Wahey, posts are done, rest of tasks are now running!
  24. it's okay, we're now at 102.6% captin!
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