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  1. Sure, I'll add it to my list of maps to add
  2. Please post your comments here about the Sun Project GBB M16A1 Carbine review and modification journal (in the Porjects section) By Tom Goode. Thanks guys
  3. it's set to 800x600, but should resize larger submissions. What's the image you're trying to upload? You tried uploading a smaller test image? All else fails, email the photo to me to try
  4. It's a possibility, try deleting the album and creating a new one with normal romanic text and giving that a go.
  5. Ah thought you had. You should be able to create your own album and then upload into it without problem.
  6. The search term limit has now been lowered to 3 . Databases reconfgured and rebuilt to work now. Should work nicely.
  7. Oh, limits etc have all been upped - more gallery space, more bandwidth allocaiton in the gallery, ability to create more albums, pm more than one person (CC feature).. and whatever else I turned on at the same time (there's a huge list of options).
  8. What exactly are you referring to by the term "group" ? Tripod pretty much explained how things work in the forum software up above.
  9. Nah should be okay, it's only really really bored people with way too much timeon their hands that spot that there's more emoticons at the bottom of the emoticon page. Useless posts with gazillions of smilies in them will just feel the wrath of my Irken Megadoom Deletron™ button (it's got chicken legs).
  10. To which I can only reply... ..or something. Not my fault guv.. thought I'd hidden the new ones quite well.
  11. Like Tripod said, groups make my life a bit easier.. I'm not making loads of silly groups for folks. Now, time for another mug of
  12. At the moment normal registered folk get one album at the moment. That may change in the future.
  13. Yeah, the link issue is a known one, and going to be fixed - not my fault as I didn't write that. Member's can make their albums private if they choose, and the entire gallery can only be accessed by people that are logged into the forums anyway, this just saves on endless bandwidth use.
  14. Kronic - you've uploaded some photos now haven't you? Assume it's all working now? I'll work on a a FAQ/Guide and some better buttons to make things more obvious later on.
  15. You mean a "My Gallery" style button? Yeah I can add one, but it'll appear for everyone, even if they've not uploaded any images.. which is an *albartroth*. I'm going look into adding some code to things so that the gallery button appears for people with a galley (it'd be next to the email/card/pm type buttons)
  16. Enzo - have tried something else for you. Let me know if it now all works for ya
  17. Oooh yes. OffTopic posts, test posts and A-Geddon posts don't count towards total post count.. plus when I get a sec any deleted posts will also reduce post count as you'd expect Kinda keeps the peace a bit better that way.
  18. Yup, the donations made the upgrades and maintenance possible. As and when more donations arrive I can add more stuff.. gives me incentive I guess There was a huge demand for the gallery to come back, so it's now back - if there's a request for other odds and ends I can add them too. I'm happy to put the work into coding new bits for the site, and to write and publish content, I jsut need an idea sometimes as to what you guys want. You might not get it.. but I at least now what you like
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