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  1. Awww common now I had the lot done in under 10 minutes, AND I kept the entire skin from the old systems working (plus it all works lovely jumbly like with the rest of the site etc).
  2. /me points towards the footer and the lack of the word "trial"
  3. Okay, ran a couple of trial runs on upgrading the forum software before doing this, plus have backups of things before the upgrade was done.. but we're now running the latest edition of IPB (the forum software) plus all the original skins have been kept intact and all add-ons and modules that have been written should all also work too. If there's any weird thing that happen of any colours or images that look wrong please let me know on here. Hopefully (touch wood) I've not missed anything... but there's only so much I can anticipate and remember to do on my own
  4. If you want your own section in the forums for your own team or skirmish site.. you can either drop me a line via email, or PM me. There's been quite a few requests about folks getting their own sections and forums, so as it wasn't obvious that we'd create them for you if you asked I'm putting this post up. If you want your own team section obviously your team need to be member's on the site so they can use it, and you'll have to give a list of names to be moderators for your own section.
  5. Seems that I accidentally left the Events Calendar so that no one could add an event to it. That's now changed and regular members and mods can now add events to it. Just about anything Airsoft related is welcomed.
  6. Ah now that's an old one - the ferry is red now ..actually I suppose you could say that the high speed ferry steams along
  7. I never moved the Isle of Wight.. it's always been there. It's easy to find the IoW, just get on the Red Funnel terminal from dock gate 4 ... then you're there when the ferry arrives.
  8. Channel islands have been added to the UK map now.. seems they were missing to begin with A zoom feature can be done, I can look into it later on as a possibility. Pins overlapping is bound to be a problem no matter what the scale of the map is though. The map is really so that everyong has a rough idea of where everyone else is. I'm steering clear of having exact co-ords as that can run into problems (security/privacy etc).
  9. Thanks Antagon I'll just update the totals in a sec.
  10. I changed the map last night. A few folks accessed the code while I was working on it (I think you were one early this morning). Hence now the image has moved/changed your placement is incorrect Just move it using the usual system, only takes 5 secs.
  11. Ah that exploit was for JPGs I believe, and there's not much I can do about it unfortunately. People just have to ensure that they have their computers patched and updated properly
  12. Took a bit to sort out, but you can now enter your location on the member's map and find out where other people are. Just click the link at the top (Member Map) then you can select where you want to be listed. Please only add your location correctly (roughly) or not at all. Users found swimming in the Atlantic or Pacific that are obviously using some form of WiFi and a rubber dingy will be giggled at for a short period then asked politely to adjust their details Please add questions comments and ideas onto this thread. The code isn't really finished.. but it works well enough a
  13. I almost forgot Easter was coming ..actually the fact that I've been eating Creme Eggs should have been a hint to my frontal lobes. Cheers bud.
  14. Once there's around 300USD or over I'll send it over to the server account so that it can be used where needed. Don't want to send it over in chunks because paypal will take a cut from it
  15. Cheers ShadowFox - Yeah that is me
  16. There's a button on the front page - but it's kinda hidden. Bottom left of the news navigation thingy. Ping me if that doesn't work.
  17. Cheers mate, I think I sent you a reply via email too to say thanks - thanks again. It's a real pain having to sleep sometimes. Played around with a few more settings server side, but really should say g'night.
  18. You need to upload it somewhere first ya see. If you've got webspace add it online somewhere (photobucket is a good one) then use the img/img tags to add the url to your signature.
  19. Oops.. uploaded all the important stuff (like the comedy videos) but kinda missed them - just uploaded them now. Links should work.
  20. Please post your comments here about RedHawk's Tanaka S&W M65 FBI Special review here. Thanks guys.
  21. We could do that. I was given the suggestion of getting some decent shrirts and caps made up with the logo on them for folks. So I might do that... I could always do with some new shirts myself anyway as I get through them at a huge rate.. oil stains and day to day wear tends to wreck clothing fast these days. The CafePress stuff is okay, but it'd be nice to get some stuff made locally to a better quality. The current interest in the site is more than it's ever been, so I/we want to make sure that there's enough processing power and memory to cover everything. Of late there's been a massiv
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