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  1. Billy You're a star mate Silver - you're most welcome to donate towards the site, but I can't put hardware in the server itself as it is in Florida. Much as it would be nice to visit. If you did want to donate local mem/storage that'd be cool as it'd just go in the solitary box that sits in another room and keeps a copy of everything every night (I've been meaning to stick a cheap DVD burner in it for complete copies of everything every month). The bad news is I misread the upgrade details. To add more memory it's 350USD not 125, as it says "up to Xmegs" not "an upgrade of X megs"..
  2. Hi folks, don't know if you've spotted but we are getting a severe amount of traffic now, yesterday topped at over 12,000 people in one day (that's unique visitors, not page views). What I'd like to do is raise 125USD to get some more memory for the server which should help things a little. It's a one off thing, we pay it and the hosting folks stick another 1Gb of memory on the rack for us. We should be quite okay as far as processing speed goes. Has anyone got any ideas for fun raising ideas? I could ask for straight donations towards it but as ever hate asking for PayPal donations. A
  3. Austin, not had a chance yet been busy doing other tests and work of late.
  4. And remember the golden word... "Gaggia"
  5. Questions on how to make the perfect cappuccino most welcome
  6. Tell you what, someone compile a list of some questions and I'll answer them in an article for you. Bear in mind though that personal stuff won't be answered and some questions may be ignored As Havoc said, I keep a low profile and that's the way I like it. Call it an "Ask Arnie" kinda section or something.
  7. Please post your comments here about the Academy L85 review. Thanks guys.
  8. Please post your comments about Player One's review here. Cheers folks.
  9. Do you get an error message, or do you not know how to change your avatar?
  10. Should all be working okay now. I set something going last night and forgot to turn it off before I fell asleep.
  11. Ooh yes, sorry got some batteries for the P99 but haven't had a sec to update the review yet. The lamp is your pretty standard SureFire bulb copy. Runs off two CR123a's. I'll post some illumination shots later on.
  12. So you're saying you don't like it big and hard? ...sorry but I had to interject there.
  13. Ah, well that I can do quite easily. Lemme see how easy it is to impliment, I've seen someone had written something like that. Edit: Nah it's 500,070 posts
  14. The easiest way to submit stuff is to email it over to me direct
  15. Well it's a new year so I thought I'd see what you guys would like me to do more of, and take advice and ideas on how to improve things for you folks. I know that you're all after a photo gallery, and I'm keeping an eye out for some half decent software to install one, but the major concern is the bandwidth that it may take up. It's not off the cards per-se, it's just something I'm carefully considering an implimentation of Sooo... what are you after?
  16. Heh, well not everyone can read everything that's written on here A gentle prod from time to time sure helps.
  17. I think that's because I changed the default, and you had no default set yourself.
  18. Bottom left of any page in forums - you can set your own default. The default for new users and unregistered users is to have it, but you can turn it off yourself.
  19. I could just write that I second the above comment.. but that'd be lasy Thanks go out to Mulder/Harry for offering to help out; and it's nice to welcome him back as a moderator to the site. We'll add a few more guys to lower the workloads as we find suitable people, but it's not something that we'll be rushing into for the obvious reasons stated above. No need to start up an anti-Beaker/ASCUK thing on here it's not needed and kinda irrelevant. We dont' have anything much to do with them, and they have no influence here, and things get along quite nicely like that.
  20. It's a nice stable OS, specifics are kinda irrelevant you know. The magic box in the corner works, and doesn't need to be kicked too often - that's all I worry about
  21. The report system works much better than any forum. If someone steps out of line and it's a genuine mistake then there's no need to publically belittle them a few careful prods and most people learn their mistake and become useful members of the forum; and if someone that's reported is a genuine 'bad egg' we just quietly remove them from the forum. It's fast and efficient
  22. I'll see what I can do about that for you
  23. ...um, same reason as anything else gets maintenance in the software world. Security/bugfixes/stability etc etc
  24. Ah.. you have to remember I speak what good old Bill (Enemy at the) Gates call "International English" with a heap of wierd kookey Brti slang slung in
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