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  1. Figured out this problem - it's because your browser caches the images. If you run a CTRL-F5 or refresh in your browser it will update your screen. The thing is the image for your avatar/photo always has the same name on the server, it's just replaced with new content when you update. Your browser caches these files and thinks there's been now update, so shows you the old local file on your harddrive. Run a refresh and that sorts it. It's a local problem - not the server's fault.
  2. Sorry had a few mins of downtime there while we upgraded services, which may well have caused software to barf out wierd code to you instead of the usual HTML. As mentioned in the server logs this was all normal, software on the server needed some updates adding to it to get us running the latest versions before Christmas.
  3. Sorry for the downtime for the past few minutes - server has been upgraded to latest software sets. Maintenance was needed.
  4. The gift limit for TAX/VAT is some silly figure like £23.70. So should an item be posted from the US with a USD value under that there'd be no extra charges here. FYI standard post from the US takes about 5-7 days off peak (not around Christmas).
  5. http://www.google.co.uk/search?num=20&hl=e...=Mozilla-search
  6. Please post your comments here about the QuiqLite Classic review. Thanks folks
  7. Maruzen upgraded their pistol design to v2, I doubt the v1 design is available anymore. The OD version is simply a P99 with a green lower frame, there's no mechanical or functional difference. It's all just cosmetic. I've not seen anything other than the current GBB and NBB design in p99 from from Maruzen recently.
  8. There's only two Maruzen P99s that I know of, one is the GBB and the other is the NBB. There are various box sets that include various accessories, but the pistols themselves are the same. OD is Olive Drab. If you want to see what was/is available go to a shop website (wgcshop.com for example) then stick 'p99' in the search box.. now click 'search'. Tra la.. you now have a complete list of all P99 related items that they stock.
  9. Front news page, and in the reviews section as always Give it at least a couple of minutes, the link for comments is created here, then added to the article, then the article is added online in reviews and in the news page. Can't do it all at once you know.
  10. Do you mean the box sets? There's an OD P99 from Maruzen, but that is sold out everywhere. All the Maruzen P99s are the same, if it comes with a silencer it'll have a metal barrel and threaded muzzle though. I'm not familiar with the KJW P99 replica, but I'd guess that it's a rough copy of the Maruzen replica. It has no markings on it, plus the capacity is 20+1 which is much lower than the Maruzen copy, which may mean that it's not based on the same design.
  11. Please post your comments here about Simon's ICS M4A1 review. Thanks folks.
  12. The production sample I was sent has a very firm foregrip on it, there's no play on it at all. One way to check if it's a prototype or production version is to check the tabs inside the foregrip (as shown in the review). If there's no stabilization tabs just behind the flashhider it's not the latest build. Given how well the foregrip here fits, and given the tollerances on moulding systems (normally 0.1mm) it seems unlikely that there's a huge variation in build that allows severely loose and severely well fitting grips. It sounds quite possible to me that somehow the chap on ASC
  13. Front page, and listed in pistol reviews section.
  14. I'll add some AI Propane Adapter data the second I can source some gas tanks that I can use with it Been looking for some for ages around here, everywhere is out of stock of the right type, may well have to order some in. Import wise, you're looking at a charge of 20-25% of the quoted invoice value if it is stopped by customs, plus a delay of 2-3days. ...agreed though, an article that covers the ins and outs of the various delivery methods would be a good idea.
  15. Blame that one on the coffee, no sleep in 2 days and the fact that manufacturers shouldn't be allowed similar names Just done a search/replace on that and solved problem. Glad you liked it.
  16. Please post your comments about the Maruzen Walther P99 TacIII review here. Thanks folks
  17. Moved this to the right place
  18. I'm impressed, you crashed HotMail. You've done the world a service
  19. I don't see any great reason to create more looks and themes for the site, I like the one I've created that we're using at the moment. Too busy writing content anyway.
  20. Thought I mentioned at the beginning of the review that for some reason that I'm not aware of, their product page for that item is currently blank. It is the correct link - honest!
  21. Contact me via email about videos. As for re-editing and adding pictures, best thing to do is add them afterwards in a sep post (can be edited in by a mod or me). If you have a review or article that you want adding online, email it across
  22. Please post your comments about the PBS-1 Silencer Replica review here. Thanks guys,
  23. Okay so lets look at this, you broke the rules and admit that. That's fair enough. The one golden rule for this forum is basically to be nice and kind to others. Idolising Varg Vikernes with a tag of "Varg's my hero" is not NICE. From what I read, that freak burnt down churches, and was convicted of one of the most brutal murders ever committed in Norway. He was anti-Christian and anti-Semite and basically a nasty piece of work. ..that's not a nice way to go on, and it's more than likely going to offend someone at some point. I see no constructive reason to use someone like that as
  24. You know it's easier to answer things if you use the spellchecking type thingy-ma-bob button you know... or type a bit better. ...themes? I assume you mean forum themes? Well it's unlikely that I'll be changing them at the moment. If you want shiny lights, bells and whistles theres Christmassy stuff on the front page.
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