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  1. That's a good idea, I'd quite like a new mousemat too myself. Cafepress is based in the US.. it's the cheapest place to get gear made they don't (yet) have a UK office, and doesn't cost me a dime. If I get a spare influx of capital I'll see what I can do about getting some nice sets made up, I'm sure the local printing firm can run off some cheaply. I think some more coffee mugs would be an idea too. As they are in the US, they charge USD - they aren't going to charge a different currency as the base rate changes so quick at the moment. Almost 2USD:1UKP at the moment
  2. If you give me a list of questions and answers you'd like to be stuck up I'll see what I can do about organising for a survey type thing to be added the second my head stops pounding.
  3. Ah so some form of survey style thing that covers the usual FAQs?
  4. Seems to be an issue with the server that it's on. Marcus was hosting it, I'll drop him a line as he's not been around for ages.
  5. Please post your comments about the bargain P90 review by Nuno here. Thanks folks
  6. The mechbox guides are now properly linked in the articles section, I finally got around to tidying things up a bit in there. It's not finished, not by a long shot but it should be an improvement.
  7. Cheers, looks like paste screwed up - have fixed that now.
  8. Wierd document formats can have viruses in them. If you need to post graphic data, use the jpeg format - if you need to post data, post it in CSV format in a text file.
  9. The production CA36C arrived this morning. I'll be updating things to note all the differences and with a few more shots. Of major note is that it now comes with the two handguard side rails fitted as standard. I've also added the manual to the review which details the fitting of the higher capacity batteries that are available for the CA36C.
  10. Yeah like you said gear sets won't be run constantly, they'll be pulsed on and off to reasonably represent normal use, with downtime in between - they'll just overheat and fry otherwise. Peak current draw spikes in the region of 13amps last I plugged a gearbox into metering gear, so constantly left on I'm fairly sure the wiring loom would fry anyway. I'm thinking of something like 5 seconds on, 20 seconds off, but I'll have to program the power packs and test rig for all of that and find the best comprimise. Should be fun to try out anyway.
  11. BadBoys2 has a lot to answer for.....
  12. I've arranged this evening to get a TM MK3 box down here to test alongside the CA box complete with a functional test rig. Assuming the heat created inside the gearbox and motor housing through constant use is dealt with properly, I'd expect both boxes to fail after about 3-4hours of constant operation (about 100,000 cycles). Be interesting to see the results too. No worries on the criticism, it's always good to get feedback, as with it I can put things more clearly and provide more useful articles. I think the best clarification of my statements would be: "the CA internals are mad
  13. Just checked with a couple of sources, to the best of my knowledge there's no authorised Glock Airsoft replica in existance. This leads us to the interesting question, that if we take it that they aren't authorised, and that we know that Glock is very persistent when it comes to protecting their name and products, how come the manufacturers making the pistols are allowed to continue?
  14. Any comparison of internals is a purely personal opinion.. as is the entire review. I prefer the CA reinforced parts to the TM standard units. The only way to truly compare the two sets for reliability would be to set the gears head to head in long term tests, however this would again be a false test in my opinion. ..the only REAL way to compare and accurately weigh up the advantages and quality of the CA "reinforced" gearset to the standard TM unit in a real world scenario would be to set up a number of gearboxes and basically fire them until failure. This is because gearbox failure is no
  15. Thanks for clearing that up - have adjusted the review to reflect that. I know what you mean about the licensing, however I'm pretty certain that TM don't have approval from Glock for their pistol replicas for example, at least Glock certainly didn't think so last I heard. I'm pretty sure that H&K are in the same boat in that respect. Happy to be corrected on that as it's just an personal/informed opinion, I don't have anything in black and white, only a few conversations to people that are friends with Glock and HK and have close dealings.
  16. The links on site link to a frame set, and the site engine doesn't like frames and I haven't recoded it.. as frames are old hack and I want to tidy it up later anyway. Someone just prod me to update that page/link so that it works. Been meaning to do it for ages.
  17. Rate it? You'll have to explain a bit more on that one. Do you mean the whole points out of 10 thing? I don't tend to do that any more, as the points system is too arbitrary, and has no real point of reference.
  18. Reinforced gears, better piston set, 7mm metal bushings. All much better than the stock TM equivalent parts. TM bushings are nylon (plastic), TM gears are not as good, and TM piston and spring set are perm. fitted together these days. Reinforced piston: http://www.classicarmy.com/product-popup.jsp?productid=285 Renforced piston head: http://www.classicarmy.com/product-popup.jsp?productid=286 Reinforced gear set: http://www.classicarmy.com/product-popup.jsp?productid=75 Basically all those parts are stronger than the TM equivalent. Actually I have some stock TM internal
  19. It has 7mm metal bushings - see the photos. The CA36C came into Europe yesterday, so it's out now. Shipments should have reached the US too now.
  20. I'm not into the legal specifics, but as far as I understand it it's almost impossible to bring legal action against Japanese firms trading inside Japan making replica firearms. I'm sure someone with better inside knowledge can fill folsk in as to the specifics. Perhaps international copyright laws don't apply inside Japan?
  21. The final release does address the problems listed, but I'm awaiting one of the final versions to confirm that personally.
  22. Well they've left out the parts that I mentioned from the foregrip, but without one of those custom batteries that can go in to check I can't confirm that.
  23. Please post your comments about the TM Mk23 NBB review here.
  24. Please post your comments about the WA Shorty review here.
  25. Please post your comments about the CA36c review here folks, thanks.
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