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  1. According to his email address and profile he is the real Snowman.
  2. Lifted? .. lemme check. They your photos and details then? If so, will sort that . Edit: Yes just checked. The guy has obviously submitted your work in as his own. Will PM you to sort out.
  3. Was my fault, hadn't flushed the local dns cache last night
  4. Please post your comments here about the CA870 review. Thanks folks
  5. The tech guys will be performing maintenance on all of their core systems starting at 12:00AM EDT on Thursday, October 7th. The maintenance window will last until 4:00AM EDT. During this time, you may experience outages for approximately 5 minutes in duration at that time. This means that there may be small outages at around 5pm through the evening on the 7th.
  6. Service down on the new server Marcus?
  7. Makko: I seriously doubt that Samurai have permission from Elcan to make copies of their scopes.
  8. Ah well that makes more sense As a copy of an major manufacturers scope then Samurai Elcan is very nice. Best I've had just from HK to date.
  9. The real Elcan 3.4x costs in the region of 700USD mate http://auroradnv.com/shopping/products.asp?CategoryId=15
  10. Ta for that link, will update review in a second Edit: Thanks, stupidly didn't think of trying the straight .com address. When I was searching for the Elcan's manufacturer page Google kept giving me links back to here. ..ah now it dawns on me it's spelt "Elcan" not "Eclan"..blame it on long nights, lots of work and too much time typing in my spare time.
  11. The main body of the scope is 55mm in diameter, and roughly 155mm in length. The metal mount that the body is fitted to is 30x30x130 in size, sat offset to the base by 45mm this gives an overall length, height and width of ~175x85x55mm. I'll take some shots of the Eclan fitted to an M4 when I get mine back.
  12. Arnie


    Just added one of them now.
  13. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/articles/sk...chbox/index.htm that link will work, until I fix the formatting issue. Been meaning to do that fix for ages, but not got around to it yet.
  14. Please post your comments and questions about the Elcan review here. Cheers guys. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/?filnavn=/r...clan_review.htm
  15. Arnie


    Glad you like it - you have no idea how long it takes to rekey in over 200 reviews
  16. Yeah I need to add quotes or colourisation to the quote system at some point to make it easier to read. Just haven't quite figured out the best way to work it.
  17. Ah I wondered what that file did that i had kicking around. I found a .flip sitting on a backup and couldn't remember what it was for. I'll login to klip and update the release details to get it to work. Gimme a few mins. Edit: Has now been updated with new details and new icon - let me know if it works for you.
  18. As has been said photo galleries eat up huge amounts of bandwidth and resources (it's almost impossible to keep a decent local backup of over 3 gigs of photos - which is how big the previous incarnation was). I'm waiting for the new release of the coppermine por, then I'll look into adding it for everyone. Most likely it'll be closely resource managed to ensure that it doesn't chew a huge chunk out of available resources. At the moment I wish to put my engergy and time into writing material rather than administering galleries and the like. The site is fast and efficient at the moment..
  19. The irc server is still offline at the moment, I'll see if there's any news from Marcus about it.
  20. I think the main difference is that Beretta are now selling WA pistols on their own site, rather than just acknowledging their existance. ..at least that's what I can make out from what WA have printed on their website now.
  21. Umm you can't have done. The IRC server has been offline for 48hours due to a router failure in the US. The chatroom will be back the second the router is fixed later on this week.
  22. The board has the useful feature of allowing the admin to add additional areas to profiles for users. So if I added "local skirmish site" as a tag, it'd appear there and then users would have the ability to fill in some info there. At the moment none are added, so nothing appears in your profile to alter. Hope that makes sense.
  23. Click the "track this topic" button on the top of the thread to ensure that you get updates, that's the easiest way.
  24. Arnie


    Okay.. all of the old reviews are online now. Just have to add all the new ones that have been sent in now.
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