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  1. Matt over at AirsoftPlayers has sent in an update from him via the site as for the moment his email and sites are offline after evacuating the local area for Hurricane Ivan. The local area looks to be pretty much a huge mess. Arn- Matt here. I have been in Colorado Springs since Tuesday, but am supposed to be flying back to Pensacola on Sunday. I will likely have to route to Atlanta, and then drive a rental car down from there. If anyone wants to see how things went, Pensacola News Journal is still up (the local newspaper isnt hosted locally) and they can see the pics of everything.
  2. Listed in instructions onsite: IRC Server: irc.arniesairsoft.co.uk Port(s): 6667
  3. Description: Airsoft IRC Server: irc.arniesairsoft.co.uk Port(s): 6667 Instructions page fixed.
  4. Arnie


    The clock on the boards is set according to your profile. You've set it to GMT in your profile. Remember we are currenting in BST +1. Ergo when you go to your profile and enter the correct timezine and toggle BST (which we are in at the moment) it ill show the correct time.
  5. The chatroom on site has been vastly improved, you may well find regulars from the site in there. Feel free to pop in and use it anytime. Details for how to connect and use the chatroom can be found on the LHS navigation menu under "chatroom". http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/?go=chat Note in the forums the menu may not be visible depending on which forum skin you use (can select different skins at the bottom left of the page).
  6. I have the ability to add that, it's dead easy really. I've been toying with where to add it on the page (best location) when I've figured out where to add it it'll appear.
  7. Arnie


    Currently reworking the review page and readding all the old ones not listed.
  8. It looks fine here -right dimensions and same as your sig. I see this image in your photo area: http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/uploads/photo-168.jpg If you want I can delete tha image off the server for you, you can then re-add whatever you want.
  9. That's just wierd. SO it'll show the glock photo, but not the one you want it to?
  10. TaQ there's no photo on your card at the moment that I can see. You sure it's not a cache issue your end?
  11. You need to delete your old piccie first - done it for you now. Just uplaod and it should work.
  12. Not easily to do that readily. That said, it's a feature I want to add back.
  13. Hmm I don't want to over divide things, that just makes stuff difficult to read and find. I could add subsections to the Technical and General - no need for newbie subsecitons, as true newbies wouldn't use them.
  14. Cheers for reminding me - I've emailed Alan and asked if he can send over the latest revisions of his work to me. I'll add them here as soon as he gets back to me.
  15. Sounds like a good idea. Suggestions for subdivisions then? Something like this? Gas (would cover nbb, gbb and classics) Spring (would cover springers, rifles and shotguns) Electric (would cover EBBs and AEGs)
  16. There's no way to set a time limit on users deleting their own posts or topics at the moment. So when we've moved to the release version of the board software I'll write a mod to give us that functionality. For the moment if you want something deleted just use the "report post" button and a mod will do it for you. There won't be huge amounts of stuff that needs deleting so I can't imagine it'll be a huge problem.
  17. What delete post button? You mean allow posters to delete their own posts or something?
  18. There we go fixed. Code that looked for illegal characters in description area was a tad overly tetchy. It's been beaten with a big stick, and is now responding better to what it's told to do now. (It disliked full stops for one) Give it a go, should work.
  19. Signatures have to conform to the general friendly nature of the forums. So anything that could cause offense is strictly prohibited. If you wish to have image(s) in your signature please ensure they are 100 pixels high and 400 pixels wide or less.
  20. Arnie's Airsoft Forum Guidelines Please read the rules and guidelines below before posting on the forums. These guidelines have been written to make your life easier, and to help you avoid getting flamed or moderated because you posted the wrong thing. Posting Etiquette Most new users fall down by not knowing the etiquette of forum posting. Get it wrong and other people may think that you are either being impolite or abusive. Here are some guidelines to help you make sure you fit right in... Search for the answer, before asking the question There is a search feature on t
  21. Let me up that limit. Will set global limit for members to say 4Mb. Remember, 2/4M may not sound a lot, but user base is steadily increasing back to the norm, meaning that 4Mb x (say a thousand users) means well over a gig of uploads that have tobe backed up.
  22. What are you adding for a description? Post what you're trying to add here and I'll try to replicate the issue. Best guess is you're adding illegal characters to the decription field. It's set to strip out wierd chars.
  23. It's not a problem, just the thread starter mentioned (R22) mentioned that the thread was for factual information, not chatter so he most likely deleted your post.
  24. I didn't delete it, but I'd guess that is was because of the mention of the rifle's power. Best not to mention "uber power". Thread moved back out of our trash bin for you. We can't reasonably PM over every thread deletion.. we'd spend twice as long moderating the boards if we did that. As you've seen, nothing is deleted, merely filed away, so a simple query to mods/admin can sort out anything like that.
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