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  1. hm.. progress log shows Processing RebuildPosts - IPS\forums\Topic\ArchivedPost - 2131981 / 2770476. Dashboard shows 100% done....
  2. 99.66% done of the large task, bunch more to complete after that's done. Stay posted!
  3. 42% It's like going back to watching 56k modems
  4. At least it's going now; it should have been running gradually in the background since the upgrade but due to me having the number of database connections too low it was bombing out. Think I will have this laptop running for the next week to keep the tasks running.
  5. Running at about .5-1% an hour with 75% to go. Looks like about a week of churning away!
  6. 24.3 .... Its the biggest task for the box to do, pity it won't complete the rest of the tasks in the meantime; sadly it has to do this first.
  7. Posts are at 22.5% complete. It was 17% when I left laptop on last night. I've tweaked the settings so it'll run unattended. At this rate it'll take a few days!
  8. It's part of the upgrade process. Sadly the task to rebuild the index is after the post rebuilds. My list looks like this: 22.63% Rebuilding posts 0% Rebuilding status titles 0% Rebuilding topic titles 0% Rebuilding gallery image titles 0% Rebuilding blog entry titles 0% Rebuilding event titles 0% Rebuilding status images 0%
  9. 13% of the posts rebuilt. There's a lot to do, but I've now increased the setting son the server side to allow the background tasks more resources to crack on and get things done! There's something stupid like 2.4 million posts for the script to chunk through. It was meant to do it in the background as users use the forum, but it's just not been quick enough. Still running now, have asked the chaps at IPB if there's a way to get their script to run a bit faster.
  10. Funnily enough I've just been in to upgrade the forums and saw that they've been running albeit slowly in the background. I've now set them to run in a tab on my browser here. I guess it'll take ages but hope that a bunch of stuff is done overnight if I leave this laptop running.
  11. Ah glad it is working fine for you now. We have a slightly slow period while we run the backups (on Sunday) but that’s it. I think I am still rebuilding the forum posts in the background since the update. Must check on that routine. Something like 2 million posts to reformat. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  12. How fast do you find the forums since we upgraded? I ask as someone has commented that it's slow, and I'm trying to pinpoint if there's an issue with certain countries or times. The forums should be nice and shiny/fast for all at the moment.
  13. Lemme see there must be a way for it to remember it for you...
  14. From readin the invision forums it appears that there's been some contention regarding BBcode. It's enabled, so you can add it into the post/reply box and it'll appear correctly but the parser turns it into HTML these days. I would love to find a custom button I could add to the CKEditor that enables BBcode view but I've not seen one yet.
  15. Do you mean one that shows BBcode style stuff rather than HTML?
  16. The index for the forum is being done slowly in the background. It is about 30% done so far. It’s going to take a bit as the forum is huge. I have been looking at ways to speed it up but haven’t seen anything as an option that I like. It will get there but the forum is just huge! isnt there a code view when posting? I believe it’s the “source” button then you can see the code view. Does that help?
  17. Not ideal but if you go the the activity stream at the top of the forum you'll find a dot at the beginning of the topic link. click that and it'll take you to the new post.
  18. Found the answer.. they dropped that feature in 4.0 beta: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/433746-no-more-go-to-first-unread-post-link-in-topic/ It will be something we can add back with a plugin. I'm doing my best to avoid plugin scripts just because it can cause issues, but if it's needed I can add it
  19. If I spot it I will let you know. There's no manual when a new verison is updated specifically so it's all a learning experience!
  20. Testing the plugin update. If this works it works! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  21. I have raised the issue with Tapatalk themselves. There seems to be a permissions issue with their app which doesn’t allow you to reply and view certain things.
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