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  1. Sorry - I left the email field on require. You'll get an email to say when site has been added by entering an email. It's no longer required - merely optional. Should work now. I've also rewritten the submission hints so they should make a bit more sense.
  2. I assumed Nuno was referring to the news page on the main page. I haven't coding that page to display according to user forum preferences yet. By default the news page shows the 10 latest articles on the fornt, then paginates it after that. Depends on demand really. I've coded it to sync and allow registered users to post comments on news articles too, but that's disabled for the moment.
  3. You can make it so that everyone can see everyone else's wanring level, but there's no point. We'll impliment a separate system for the forsale feedback later on.
  4. I'll fix that when I tidy up that skin.
  5. That's wierd. It still doing it?
  6. No. For security reasons the forums won't allow that. Easiest way is to provide a link to the image, rather than using image tags.
  7. 10 listed on front page, plus have added pagination to news.
  8. The gallery search function relies on people actually adding a description to their images. At last count there were well over 3000 images in the gallery, and I wasn't going to enter them all manually myself.
  9. You have a P90 with a PC inside it?
  10. Yeah very used to coppermine. Waiting for IPB2 to go gold so we can buy a full license (and drop the trial bit at the bottom of the site), then awaiting the release wrapper for coppermineIPB integration. No sense me writing it myself as the developers are currently writing it themselves. When the release software is out, it will take literally minutes to get the new gallery up.
  11. We don't have a photogallery system online at the moment I'm afraid.
  12. Hi folks, nice to see the forum is proving to be so popular. One minor note concerns images in personal signatures. This is fine, but please don't make them too big. The maximum total size for any image based signature is 100 pixels high and 400 pixels wide. If your signature image is larger than the above size, please resize it over the next 48hours. Thanks guys,
  13. Arnie

    Editing Posts

    Tripod: There is a spell check feature and a preview button, so it isn't too hard to fix mistakes. In the ForSale forum a timeout on editing the post saves a seller changing the details of the sale after an agreement is made with someone.
  14. Channel topics in IRC aren't set by us, but rather one of the channel ops. Nothing to do with me at all I'm afraid.
  15. I can set it to provide only one popup. Let me sort that out now. Then it'll just say "been updated" rather than one popup per news story. Edit: Okay all updated now so that you should get one popup when news is updated, not individual ones. Do let me know how it goes.
  16. Arnie

    Editing Posts

    Anything is possible, it's just working out a forum feature that applys to use, or modifying code by hand. At the moment there's a global time across the board for posts, that should work, plus if anyone edits a post it will list that they have in their post. This should be good enough for the ForSale areas for the moment, I hope.
  17. It's okay.. I'll just go and get this stone over there and see if I can get some blood out of it too. Seriously though, feedback on things is useful, as it's impossible to get all the settings for the entire forum right first time around. We need feedback on features to tweak them.
  18. Arnie


    You need to check the "daylight savings" box in your profile under board settings.
  19. Through feedback from users it was suggested that a few folks would like to have the side navigation bar like we used to have on the old forums. Well it's a quick template hack.. and I'll have to tidy it later (CSS needs to be recoded to incorporate the new), but now you can have the nav menu skin you choose. It's simple, just login to the forums, then look at the bottom left of the page and you'll see a drop down box that will let you select whatever skin you want to use. Just select whichever you want to use.
  20. I don't use MSN messenger myself (at least not the MS version anyway), but if you do, there's a link in the bottom right corner of the site to allow you to grab LiveUpdates via messenger as and when they are added. Let me know how it goes if you give it a try here. Cheers guys.
  21. Hiurricane Frances has caused some outages in the US. The hosting company is currently running on generator backups only. We experienced around 40mins of downtime when the Hurricane hit the East coast of Florida.
  22. A loose net cable at the hosting firm caused a downtime of approximately 2.5 hours from 1:30AM. Hosting technicians replaced the cable and service was restored.
  23. Cheers Slayer. Sooo many options for the forums it's hard to remember where all of them are.
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