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  1. Give it a try now, have upped the LimitRequestBody setting for php on the server (it was set to around 512k), so should improve things.
  2. I had to warp m fragile little mind thinking up all the bad words to add to the filters to have them automatically removed. Darn felt like a scene from Beavis and Butthead. Ah.. butt-munch!.... *albartroth*
  3. Arnie

    Editing Posts

    I've increased the time limit on editing posts. That may help sort things out. If not I'll disable the edit timeout. The feature is mainly there to stop anyone in the Forsale section editing a post after the fact, which may cause problems with the conduct of the sale. At the moment posts that are edited will list "edited by... at " if edited after posting.
  4. Arnie


    No worries, gives me a chance to use some of the new features that we've got here.
  5. Arnie

    Editing Posts

    Should be bottom right corner of your own post matey.
  6. Good point - have edited the news page to account for that.
  7. How come you didn't have a backup of your own photos? That's sad. Well I might well be able to port across the old photogallery file, although it won't be easy. Will have to come after the rest of the upgrades are done here.
  8. All you ahve to do is click the fast reply button and the box appears. It can be easily toggled over if needed, just need to locate the relevant part in the skin files (which are huge).
  9. Arnie


    Yeah the avatar resizing system won't work, I haven't installed the libraries that use them, should really stop it trying to do that. There we go, turned that feature off for the now.
  10. A different shade of blue, a complete rework and we're back up alive and kicking. New site has had heaps of work put into it to make it not only look great but respondly quickly, load fast and be of more use to you the reader/user. There's a new news system up, a better interface and a new chat applet added that auto connects to the ASCUK #airsoft chatroom. Next up is the task of copying across and listing on the relevant pages all the new reviews and articles that have been written, along wiht some other engine upgrades.
  11. Righty ho, spell checker has now been added to the site too.
  12. I think the offensive language filter is already on, just mods and admins can bypass it. Have added several words to the filter (by default it's empty..). Should work now. Spellchecker will be added later.
  13. This is the old style reviews page. I have yet to add all the new reviews that were there before. They are there - just not linked in. Means that I have to manually add them all myself. It is on my list of things to do.
  14. Arnie

    Editing Posts

    I've edited the settings for the members group. Basically they can't edit their own posts after a period of 5 minutes after posting. Should give time to spot any errors.
  15. Welcome to the new forums. It's taken a good few waking hours to get this new design up and running but it's finally here. Combined with the rework of the main site, the new forums keep much the same look and feel to them. It was impossible to port over the old forum data (without literally days of work), so we get to start from afresh. The advantage is that we get to start from clean, so lets keep things tidy and make the forums a useful place for everyone to use and read. Keep things friendly, refrain from making completely pointless posts and have some fun. If you're not quite use
  16. Nah that's okay, if it's fixed and working, that sounds good by me.
  17. Does it work for anything larger for you?
  18. What is the size and height/width of the photo you're trying to add? You get that error if you're uploading an image that's too big. Try a small image first. Should be okay, as have uprated the limits on the sizes.
  19. Give it a try now. Have tweaked some settings. Uploads do work as tried it myself, so it's down to a group permission settings. There's so many settings for IPB takes a bit to get used to it.
  20. Well I can add a spell checking feature later on, that's easy have the code here to add phpspell to the site.
  21. You can't normally edit polls as you could change the outcome/result of them if you could. Will see if it's possible to allow editing of polls for a short period after posting.
  22. Hmm polls.. there's a feature for it here (normally a button top right next to "NewTopic", think it's just turned off at the moment. Will have a look as to why it's off.
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