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  1. Theres an IRC channel?? Interesting..
  2. I'd be excited if you could spell "congratulations" right
  3. Thats the bottom of a DVD shelf isnt it? I own that POS shelf!
  4. Titleist, robar you say? Same stuff they use on glocks, no?
  5. 9's are normal for a cycle, they're ALL crotch rockets! lol
  6. And for the price/performance issue. Completely missing the point on that one. You can buy a fox body mustang and have it running 8's for 20k if you really wanted to. Now would it be fair to say every car that can't do 8's for 20k is overprice? pos? No, it wouldn't. The Ford GT cost 150k, and so what if its not the fasted car out there for the money? You're not buying it for top speed/acceleration, you're buying it because it's a FORD GT. One of my cousins owns 2 Lamborghini's. An older Diablo, and a new Murcielago. I wouldn't call them overpriced at all, you get what you pay for, ex
  7. That's why they're called ricers in the first place And back on the truck issue. Even with all that power, what can they do? Straight line. Theres no such thing as taking corners in a truck. In which case, if I wanted to go fast, I'd buy a car (which I did), if I want to haul sht and go offroading, I'd buy a truck (also did). Turbo Deisel Trucks aren't the Godsend you make them out to be.
  8. It can't beat...well..really anything, not with 0-60 at near 9 seconds. I don't care if a car is slow, but with that 2fast2furious body kit and GINORMOUS wing, it's a joke. Not to mention the dual exhaust tips Hyundai puts on there. And the only Ferrari I ever wanted was the F430, and I'll eventually have one
  9. Sure can't. But then again, the new Veyron does 0-60 in a bit under 3 seconds. Anybody can make any car do ANY thing. All it takes is money. And theres nothing special about turbocharged deisels, all you do is cram a sh*tload of boost in there. Hell theres HUGE gains from just reprogramming the ECU and picking up a cat-back. Too boring for my taste. If they came that way from the factory, THEN I'd be impressed.
  10. LOL http://www.pricegrabber.com/show_car_specs.../segment=/make= "0-60 time: 8.90" Heres another link http://www.modernracer.com/hyundaitiburonv6.html 0-60 mph : 7.4 sec.(manual) 0-ΒΌ mile : 15.6 sec @ 88.8 mph(manual) 200 ft skidpad : 0.82 g Pathetic in all aspects
  11. RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE! Contrary to ricer belief, body kits DO NOT add horsepower Oh yeah, all the speed freaks are out there driving diesels. I wipe the floor with the powerstokes and cummins trucks around here. Did a Cobra destroy you at a light or something? Guess everyone has their own reasons to fear the blue oval
  12. Saw that on the SVT and Buick boards as well. Actually, The car belonged to someones ex-wive's husband/boyfriend. Sold it on craigslist for 10k. Congrats on the Mustang! Looks great. Just needs a couple things to look even better. Lose the Mustang graphics Lose the trim on the doors Change to a GT or aftermarket hood Lower it or add 18-19in wheels
  13. lol, is it bad that I didn't even give the CA a second glance at that price?
  14. I thought that sounded off...320 for an HFC? HAH!
  15. *glues his piggy bank back together* I'll be holding off those these reasons: No working cocking handle Plastic receiver And the biggest reason, doesn't take M16 mags. I still want it for the case and box mag though
  16. FFR (Factory Five Racing) kit? What's he have for a drivetrain (motor, transmission) ?
  17. The new Hemi's are a joke. Awesome Hillslam, if I needed a luxury car, and the CLS55 was sold out, I'd get the CTS-V I recently fixed my exhaust leaks, picked up a 3in downpipe, and a few various other things. I'll get a pic up here of me going through the traps in the low 11's
  18. Good review! I suggest you take some clear pictures and submit it to the main site.
  19. Thsi thread is stupid, you're stupid! Err yeah. If you get a bunch of neg reps from 1000 people because of ONE stupid comment, just talk to a mod/admin, they'll clean it up for you. Hell last person who f*cked with my rep got banned, ha!
  20. Wow...uhhh....wow....so much for realism.
  21. My old Kokusai Crimebuster. Based on the Car15. Had a 22inch stainless steel crater cut 6.03 barrel. Was accurate to 400ft, and could top 700fps if pushed.
  22. Isn't that why we have the newbie discussion forums?
  23. PM Arnie, he may be able to help
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