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  1. hi guys, sorry if this question has been asked before but has anyone successfully modded a normal M4 body to fit a TM recoil gearbox? I found a replacement online but it's pretty expensive. thanks
  2. You gotta love this guys logo :-) I spent ages looking for one but all I could find was airsoft, motorbike and scooter parts..... :-)
  3. nice little overview, some high res images would be nice :-) but I'm sure there's plenty out there already
  4. Horse loved the rechargeable C02, really impressive. Brocock here in the UK made a proper one a few years ago but then stopped selling it for some reason, they pop up on ebay every now and then
  5. Cheers. Think you can get Co2 12g for about £0.60 (just under a dollar) if you buy enough of them in one go. Much cheaper than Mk5's. Only problem is some indoor places don't let you use something so loud. Have either of you guys heard about rechargeable 12g? Are they any good for this product?
  6. Does anyone know if each 'bang' uses up a whole co2 caplet?
  7. mrpugster


  8. I've found a huge difference in delivery speed between standard HK post office and courier (TNT or UPS), guns I only ship using UPS these days.
  9. It's kinda weird from looking at my ARMY the bolt catch with the spring and tiny lever on it is there, but the actual level which works in conjunction with the magazine is not, I'm guessing it's this part http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/lonex-cut-off-lever-for-marui-m4-gearbox-new-v2-aeg.html
  10. No problem. I can't see why they couldn't use this method for any other high-cap, they will just see how these sell I guess. If anyone wants any, I have a number of these for sale, brand new and in the UK. Cheers
  11. I recently played a game of airsoft where there was only a couple of us defending a position against a horde of invaders. Needless to say my trusty winding finger gave up and I got cramp in it! So when I heard about a new magazine that you could wind fully in 5 secs and then not have to wind again I just had to try them out. Not too sure if anyone has these in stock over here - not seen them, a good friend in HK sent a box of them over for me. The winder unit is housed in a lovely blue-steel metal shell, some may not like this but on the whole I do. The metal shell has a seem runnin
  12. that looks awesome, would defiantely like to know fps
  13. Would be nice to see JG do a full metal one - nice review but need pics :-)
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