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    2019 — KJW CZ Shadow 2 — GBB
    2019 — KJW CZ P-09 Duty — GBB
    2019 — VFC FNX-45 — GBB
    2019 — WE M16A1 — GBB
    2009 — G&G GR16 Carbine — AEG
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  1. Nami

    DAS HK416 & Daewoo K2 by GBLS

    I think it's great they're coming out with Minecraft guns.
  2. Nami

    Marui Festival 2019

    Anything manufactured in Japan worth having is surely worth the premium it costs. Play your cards right and it becomes an investment that pays dividends emotionally and functionally in the years to come. At least that's what I try telling myself each time I buy what feels like a million yen Final Fantasy or Ghost in the Shell item.
  3. Nami

    Marui Festival 2019

    Seems like every industry in Japan is like that regarding international sales. If you're into their entertainment, anime's fairly accessible, and to a lesser degree their films and live-action dramas, but they offer next to nothing in terms of a sustained fan base for music. I can't imagine such a small market like airsoft still is would be any different. The price of their high-end AEG and GBBR offerings is prohibitive, and their legacy AEG line has readily accessible and cheaper alternatives from Taiwanese manufacturers.
  4. Nami

    CZ Picture Thread

    This hobby is becoming a problem again: KJW CZ Shadow 2 and KJW P-09 Duty, courtesy of RedWolf.
  5. Back in the game and luckily found myself a brand new Cybergun/VFC FNX-45 Tactical GBB. Not gonna let another one of these big boys go again.
  6. Nami

    Who’s MP5is the nicest?

    I adored my Umarex MP5SD3 GBB (integrally suppressed, retractable stock, SEF trigger group) when I had it. Just a solid CQB platform. OEM by VFC so you know it's a genuinely quality product. I reckon they're pretty hard to track down these days. My silly *albatross* sold mine about a year ago thinking I'd never get back into airsoft ever again.
  7. Nami

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Gaiters deserve a make a glorious comeback.
  8. Nami


    That fancy stock sure does bring me back to my competitive air rifle days. I don't think I've ever seen a model like that on a VSS.
  9. Nami

    CZ Picture Thread

    This thing looks phenomenal. What's the material on those gorgeous blue grips?
  10. Nami

    58th Shizuoka Hobby Show Tokyo Marui Products

    Hopefully with the release of the Type 89F comes some more aftermarket parts for this GBBR series. I've been so hesitant to get that original standard issue offering for just that reason. She's such a looker though, I can't resist.
  11. Nami

    Cybergun/VFC FNX-45

    Double stacked .45? Woah. Thanks for detailing how it handles with regard to the grip. This model riding higher up in your hands actually sounds fairly attractive. I always enjoy something with a substantial size and sense of weight to it. Thank you! I'm glad to hear that we have that in common then! I'm curious, did you use the standard large backstrap or the additional small backstrap? Your comparison to the M9 makes it seem like you used the latter for the FNX-45.
  12. Nami

    Cybergun/VFC FNX-45

    I've been eying this gun recently to replace my TM HI-CAPA. I absolutely love the 1911 series and despite my small-ish hands even full-sized models are super comfy to handle. So I'm wondering if anyone has found this seemingly large sidearm to have a similar feel, weight, etc., to a full-size 1911. Thank you!

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