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  1. UPDATE I left a review on trust pilot then left one last message on Facebook chat as the boss talked to me on their last time and the result is this.
  2. I understand what you mean but they offered to refund me if I send it back. They are lying to Paypal about having the mask back but the screenshots show they have it.
  3. Proof of my interactions with weapon762. https://postimg.cc/gallery/V5JQtsQ/34b9b157 I bought an airsoft mask that was faulty and I contacted the shop on Facebook about my issues. They said I would get a refund shortly, after a few minutes I was contacted by the shop WhatsApp to go over the problems I was having. In short, they offered me a full refund if I return the mask to them. after they got the mask back they didn't want to refund me at all and then not refund me the postage amounts and remove any discounts. And to fix the issue myself I should get a beer can and glue a bit on t
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