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  1. To be honest it was that the DTW came in the external configuration I wanted. As it was a backup/loaner gun, I didn't want to fart around with getting a nice rail system on it. For anyone interested, I did caliper the body pins and the DTW ones are about 0.3 mm smaller than the Systema so the DTW lower will take a Systema upper but you cannot put a DTW upper on a Systema lower without boring out the holes on the upper a bit. I have not done this but I'm told it works. Additionally, I had a pinion blow on my PTW and I put the G&D motor and pinion in to replace it and it's performin
  2. I just got a G&D DTW (Mk18 Mod 1). It seems to be the latest generation, as it has the RWA hop up design but the buffer tube is not silver color. A couple first impressions: -It's solid but noticeably lighter than my PTW Mk18 Mod 1 (Mad Bull licensed rail). Most of the difference appears to be the outer barrel/rail -No wobble in the rail, very solid. More solid than my PTW with Mad Bull rail that I had to shim a bit -The DTW lower will accept both my 2007 and 2012 PTW uppers but the DTW upper will not go on a PTW lower. I suspect the PTW has thicker body pins. I will caliper later
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