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  1. A big EDIT here, after some research due to the number of clones i wasnt happy mine was actually made by who i said it was, i managed to stumble on a video of the exact gun being taken OUT OF THE SAME BLACK BOX, its NOT a JKW like i said its actually a HFC HG-302. Sorry for not having caught this sooner and more importantly writing a review on it, but there it is, its in fact a HFC HG-302 "stealth assassin". of course everything i said about the gun was completely correct, since i have it in my hands right now - just goes to show that some of these clones come without clear manufacturer
  2. Yeah the sound is quite a calm "thwump" kind of sound, often in CQB the BB pinking off things is far louder than the shot noise. One thing i should have mentioned is that this requires a very large holster, so if you cant find something MK.23 specific or listed as a gun type fits, you need to be thinking along the lines of a desert eagle and if you add a LAM unit or any under rail attachments do what i did and go for a fully adjustable velcro holdster, mines some unbranded cheap version with a belt hoop and 2x plastic clips for keeping it strapped to the leg - cost me about 10 quid on e
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  4. Hi all, I noticed there was no review of this surprisingly brilliant clone pistol of the famous socom MK.23 navy seal .45 side arm. The Tokyo Marui version is a damned fine gun and rather costly, this version features a silencer as a silencer, as you can imagine on a gas pistol this works pretty well. The KJW version i bought for two reasons, the price (less than half the TM version) the second reason being that this version comes with a barrel extension in the silencer not a spring and foam rings - hoping for better accuracy and less bothered about being quiet. To my surp
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