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  1. Respectfully, I have to disagree. I've had two "replicas" (EoTech 552 and ACOG) on .22LR rifles as pictured and both were zeroed very quickly and both held zero very accurately.
  2. Trijicon SRS Style Red Dot Sight When I first saw this sight, I was amazed at how identical it is to the real steel version. There are a few indicators between the two which are: 1. The real version uses slotted adjustment dials. The replica uses an Allen key. 2. The real version doesn't have "Property of Trijicon" written on the side of the battery tube. 3. The real version doesn't have SRS stamped in white. Instead the real version has raised black rubber lettering on the side. 4. The fake ones all have 009090 as the serial number. This isn’t the case with all of the replicas. I have seen some of the older models with the slotted adjustment dials, no “Property of Trijicon” on the side and a different serial number of 000484. If you’re in doubt about yours being real or fake, check these things. I have busted people trying to sell the replica as real steal. Always ask for the warranty card and pelican style case. Now, this review is for the replica version of this optic, so let’s get into it. First thing you’ll notice is the solar panel along the top. It is actually a functional solar panel and it will power the optic with no battery installed as long as you’re in bright sunlight. Incandescent lighting will not work to power the solar panel. Speaking of battery, this uses a regular AA battery. You don’t need a special CR123 or 2032 or anything special. The battery cap has an o-ring, and is water tight. I did submerge this optic in 2 feet of water to test that. The cap is also tethered to the optic with a thin steel cable so you won’t lose it. Nice feature. This is a great sight for airsofters. I love the big lens. It doesn’t make you feel like you’re looking down a tube when you’re aiming. You really get the feel that there is a red dot floating out in front of you. This optic is meant for fast acquisition, two-eyes-open, get-your-gun-up and get it done shooting and I love it. The sight is built like a tank. It’s heavy and the housing itself seems kind of bulky and at 13.8oz it’s not lightweight. However, the tradeoff is the excellent sight picture and the compact package that sits very well balanced towards the rear of the rifle. I ordered this sight from eBay for $55 and it shipped from Hong Kong, arriving in under 16 days which is pretty typical. Regarding the sight itself. It has a black rubberized finish, which is very thin and easily scratched. The solar panel section you can tell has been glued on by hand and there are remnants of extra glue that I removed using a razor blade. The coating is very intense red/orange. If you’re trying to hide from someone using this, you will need a killflash or you will be spotted right away. Luckily this one does include a killflash which is an excellent perk and one that is needed to reduce reflection, which I will discuss in a moment. Looking through the optic there is a cyan or greenish color, like you’re wearing a good pair of UV sunglasses. One thing you will notice is reflection. Yes, there is a reflection when looking through the optic. If you focus on the reflection and not the dot you can clearly see the LED and the circuitry surrounding it. Not good. However, this reflection is eliminated once the killflash is installed. You can even look past it with no killflash installed, just be aware that it’s there. When you sit and stare at anything long enough, you find flaws. When you use any tool however and it does what it should do and then some, flaws melt away. The dot is small and very precise. There is no ghosting, no starburst effect and no distortion when looking through the optic at the dot. There is no right to left parallax, but I did notice some up and down parallax during use. Elevation adjustment is on the back and windage adjustment is on the side using an included hex key. As far as using the sight, it’s really simple. There are easy to use/find buttons on each side of the optic. The button on the left will turn it on and turns the intensity up and the button on the right will turn the intensity down. Pressing both buttons together turns the optic off. An excellent feature of the optic is the included QD (quick detach) mount. The QD mount is very secure and it’s very easy to remove and replace the optic. Performance…well, I mounted this to my 2.23/5.56 rifle and it mounted very solidly. I was really happy and very optimistic as once mounted, it was already co-witnessed to my front sight. I took the setup as you see it in the photos above with a friend to an indoor range. He had just purchased and mounted a Vortex optic to his rifle. We sent the MOA target to 25 yards and had his optic zeroed in less than 10 rounds. Now it was my turn. I fired the first two rounds and hit the target extremely low. Windage was perfect and needed no adjustment, but the elevation was off. Using the easy to adjust elevation turret, I made an adjustment and slowly tried to walk the rounds to the center of the target, but it just couldn’t get there. I thought it was me, so I asked my friend to try a few rounds. He fired another 10 rounds slowly making adjustments, but the rounds started to move in arching pattern. It was terrible. We finally bottomed out the adjustment and could no longer adjust the red dot to where we needed it to go. I got back behind the rifle and the fired another 6 rounds and the rounds remained low and nowhere close to the target. We were just not able to zero the optic. Luckily for me I brought a back up sight and we were able to zero that optic (magnified) within 12 rounds. Based on the fact that we zeroed two optics with a very low round count and we couldn’t get the SRS zeroed, I feel that this optic would be OK for airsoft, but not for real steal. Technical Information Style: Red Dot Magnification: 1x Sight Window: 38mm Adjustment value @ 100 yards: ½ click/inch Reticle: 1.75 MOA Dot Reticle Color: Red Housing Material: Aluminum? Recoil Resistance: Yes Battery Type: 1x AA Battery Length: 3.75" Weight: 13.8 oz Warranty: What warranty…you paid $50 for a replica!
  3. SRS mounted to my rifle:
  4. No, you can only "flag" the ad. Once flagged an admin will look at it, but you can't give a reason for flagging and you can't leave a note. If it gets flagged enough it will be removed.
  5. There is a guy on Armslist, right now selling this Trijicon SRS replica and claiming it is real. He's asking $1,000 for it. CRAZY. There are, of course, a few differences in the real vs replica SRS and I let him know his was a fake and he says, "it doesn't matter because if people are willing to buy a fake for $1,000, there is nothing I can do about it".
  6. That mount on the replica MRO though?! What's with the giant triangular "nut". That is nowhere close to the real steel version. Looks...awful.
  7. I thought about the MRO, but I don't like large knobs on my optics. If I wanted an MRO, I'd just get a TRS-25 by Bushnell and save myself $500. The main reasons for me getting the Trijicon SRS and Leupold LCO replicas are so that I can see how they look and feel (weight) on my real steel rifles. I am going to try them out and see which I like better. I'm a Bindon shooter (both eyes open) and they're aren't many options set up for that. I'll honestly report their pros and cons, but at the end of the day it will help me decide if I'm going to drop $1K on a real Trijicon SRS or a real Leupold LCO. I've done the same before with the Aimpoint T-1 Micro and decided that when compared to the Holosun HS403A/B it wasn't worth the extra $500 to own the Aimpoint, so I have 3 Holosun's and I've never had an issue and never had to replace a battery. The T-1 and Holosun are both great optics, but I don't like the feeling of looking down a toilet paper tube to shoot.
  8. To answer your question NonEx, I don't know the brand name. I found mine on eBay alongside 50 others from different sellers. S&I Tactical has them listed as: RED DOT SIGHT SRS 1X38 SOLAR SIGHT FOR AIRSOFT DHGate and Aliexpress has hundreds of them. One site, shows the manufacturer as Emerson another site shows AG-K. JK Army lists them as TJ SRS Style 1x38 Red Dots...some have the Trijicon trademarks and symbols and some do not. Some also include a QD mount and killflash and some do not.
  9. Yes, SRS stands for Sealed Reflex Sight not Solar Red Sight...they can't copy them 100%. Guess they got creative.
  10. Space reserved for the review. Posted at 9:38pm...edited at 10:40pm
  11. I received my Trijicon SRS replica today. I am in the process of doing a review, but thought I'd post a few photos for you: The box is pretty incredible considering this is a clone/replica: Right side. Could do without the "Property of Trijicon", but buttons feel good. Included QD mount, battery and killflash. Left side. Only difference b/t this and the real steel is the white stamp vs. raised rubber lettering. Shockingly enough, the solar array works. It will power the sight with no battery. Further tests are coming to see if it will adjust for brightness and motion. Front lens is a beautiful orange/red color. The LED looks big in the photo. I think the camera did that, because in person it's very crisp and clear with no "sunburst" effect. There does appear to be some parallax when moving up/down, there is no parallax moving left/right. There is no magnification or distortion at all. There is a slight bluish green tint looking through the sight. It's kind of like looking through a pair of UV sunglasses. So far so good. Looks great and feels great. I only hope it performs well and holds zero or even can be zeroed. Subscribe to this thread to see my full review. I have three sights I'm working with right now and will be mounting them all to the same rifle to test. Let me know if you have any questions or want me to test something particular.

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