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  1. MrKingTaco1776

    WE Katana 416c

    Here are some detailed pictures of how I upgraded my VFC 416c to accept the WE Katana GB
  2. The modifications are simple and can easily be done in an hour. It might take a bit longer if you aren't used to using a dremel.
  3. The issue with running the ASCU is that I would have had to wire it to the rear, which isn't possible with my current setup. I have two ASCUs currently, so it sucks not being able to use one on this build.
  4. I completely agree. It's nice to see manufacturers finally making standardized parts. Proprietary systems are garbage and really do take away from the sport.
  5. Here are a few pictures of what I had to grind down to convert this VFC 416c to take a WE Katana GB. I will be posting another thread to explain what I had to do.
  6. That is by far one of the best reviews I have ever seen. Excellent work! I'm going to have to buy one now thanks to you
  7. As with all Frankenstein guns, there are always fitment issues. Luckily the Katana GB isn't too bad. I'll post pictures later today of what I did to get this to fit. To answer your questions, the lower gearbox fit like any other V2 gearbox. The only difference being that you do not have the upper portion and you must grind down two small tabs on the top of the gearbox in order to get everything to fit properly. This only took about 3 minutes of grinding with my Dremel. In order to get the cylinder to fit inside the upper, you must grind down the tabs on the side of the cylinder and the tab
  8. Great job with these videos! I like the style of the videos as well as the information plugged into each. It would be nice to hear a little talking, but this is more than acceptable.
  9. This is my project HK 416c. I swapped out the VFC internals for the WE Katana split gearbox. I installed the GATE MERF 3.2 mosfet unit and am waiting for the weapon light and PEQ box to come in. I also added a Ready-Mag since I plan on running this thing in CQB.
  10. I might be necroposting, but I like Ebairsoft. I've ordered a bunch of stuff from them and have never had an issue receiving what I bought. However, sometimes it took 4 weeks to get those said items.
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