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    -Inokatsu '100th Anniversary' M1911A1 (x3)
    -KSC M11A1 with QRF steel kit
    -GHK AKM, full steel including outer barrel, most internals, and bolt carrier (W&S bolt carrier with latest version full travel kit)
    -VFC G3 GBBR (‘Asia version,’ has better markings than the EU version and Umarex licencing hidden inside the receiver)
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    Wien, Österreich
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    I love Medieval European history the most, however. I am very knowledgeable about many things (including linguistics). I can speak English (obviously) and German, and can read and write Latin well enough to understand most classical texts without difficulty.

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  1. Sturm

    WE/Cybergun M1A1 Thompson Submachine Gun

    ‘Evil’ Sturm is returning from the dead! Want to show off my full CNC steel WE M1A1: https://imgur.com/a/2eiALBA
  2. Sturm


    Unless they use a similar system that WE did with the L85 (nozzle return springs). Then it would probably be more complicated. Technically the WE L85 can allow full travel (real SA80s stop a cm or two short of the charging handle disassembly slot), but it will lock up after a shot if the nozzle return springs (which also cut into and make quick work of the bolt carrier) are removed. LCT is the OEM for a large amount (if not all) of the GHK AK series externals. I know there are significant differences between certain items though (such as fixed stocks, which are mounted completely differently than on AEGs). LCT obviously manufactured the GHK AKM stock (as its finish are practically identical), but it is not compatible with their AEGs (GHK AKs use a stock tang with two mounting points for securement, which is accurate for stamped steel AKs). I think there are slight differences between the LCT and GHK receivers, although it is clear that LCT OEM'd them as well (I know that the Izhmash markings on the left end of the receiver on the GHK AKM are different than on the LCT AKM).
  3. Sturm


    I'm going to emerge from the dead at this point, and say, yes, there was a full travel kit being developed, and it released a few months ago. I own a GHK AKM with one installed. It is awesome! I can ask W&S if they have any interest in developing a full travel kit for this, if it turns out to really be short-stroked. The SG 552 irl does not travel as far back as an AK bolt carrier though (AKs travel over 10cm back, which is really a lot for an intermediate cartridge - partially due to the recoil rod and long stroke gas design).
  4. ######. What else is new?

  5. Sturm

    GHK GBB AK Discussion Thread

    And probably pounded into oblivion with the stock pot metal hammer (sort of like how the original WE hammer allegedly crumbles into dust after a few hundred rounds). Can't wait for the kit to come out!!! (:
  6. Sturm

    WE L85

    Sorry that it appears I am necroing this thread, but I'd rather that than create my own thread based off of a single question that is easily answered. Anyway, what parts are steel? I am certain the entire receiver, trigger guard, and flash hider is steel. What about the carrying handle? Is it potmetal or steel? What about the folding front sight unit? Steel as well? I really hope those two parts are not potmetal or some kind of cheap aluminium. That wouldn't be fun...
  7. Sturm

    GHK AUG Magnet Test

    That is very helpful. Thanks! I find it kind of insulting that the GHK AUG lacks a lot of these steel parts. For the price, you would think it would have a lot of steel components?!! Are there any manufacturers that make a steel bolt carrier for it? Hephaestus and a few others I know make a steel outer barrel.
  8. Sturm

    GHK AUG Magnet Test

    Can anyone that owns a GHK AUG take it apart and tell me what parts are composed of at least some iron (probably steel)? I am interested in what exactly GHK is using for materials in the rifle. I know that the outer barrel is some sort of aluminium alloy (a few manufacturers make a steel replacement, however). The frame is plastic, as it is on the real AUG. However, what about the trigger box, bolt carrier, fire selector, and upper receiver (including the integrated scope)?

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