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  1. Rainyeyes

    Marui M870 Fix and Tuning Thread

    Thanks for the tip. Apparently this problem persisted with the previous owner where it began leaking before the o-rings were changed. I should have known it was another factor. The strange thing is that I actually tried shimming the spring with an o-ring to increase its strength but the it started to leak where the firing pin engages the valve at the rear of the cylinder when I blew into it. I took it out and the leak stopped. I will see what I can do about stretching the spring 130%. You could be right that it lost tension over time... Sourcing a replacement would be rare at this time.
  2. Rainyeyes

    Marui M870 Fix and Tuning Thread

    Hey while we're on the topic of the valve there... I'm having some issues fixing mine. I have a weird problem where whenever the gas tank is inserted into the stock, ALL the gas goes out the front of the gas cylinder. The weird thing is that if I were to disassemble it so that it's just the cylinder and blow into where the stock attaches the receiver, the thing doesn't leak. I can't blow air into it so I KNOW it's airtight before inserting gas. I suspect it's because the o-ring is too soft and is flexing when the propane is inserted. The problem now is that no matter where i switch the o-rings and what I do with the front and rear valve it still shoots out all the gas without stopping. I've even removed the "firing pin" to try and isolate the problem. I hate to be a bother but could someone please post some reassembly pictures without the cylinder on? I'm stumped on this one.

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