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    E1/CYMA AKM with real steel Romanian furniture, a real steel muzzle brake, LCT Fakelite pistol grip, real steel sling and rubber AK bayonet, CYMA AK105 downgraded for CQC, LCT RPK, A&K M60E4, TM 870, WE G18, KWA Mk. 23 and a scratch-built SR-47
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  1. Corbeau

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    You ever see those Chinese PMC AKs for sale at your local airsoft store and think to yourself "God, that's just some tasteless cancer, but there is some potential to the idea!" No? Just me? Well, here's my take on the "Contractor's Personal Weapon." A little bit of classic styling, a little bit of modern, some Russian and some American, a touch of civilian and a touch of military. Excternally, it's a Spartan Delta full steel body with wood furniture refinished with ebony stain and plenty of lawyer by me. Zenitco rails with a PTS Shift foregrip and Chinese T1 ripoff(I'd rather buy a thirty dollar sight and not have to put an ugly sight protector on my gun than buy a real one and worry about it getting shot out) and to top it off I'm using a PTS pistol grip. From there, an Angel Custom drum mag for extra lols, and, not pictured, a woven paracord sling. The flashlight is not a permanent addition, but might go on for indoor or night games. Internally, the Spartan Delta garbage is all but gone, other than the quick change gearbox shell and some nonessential internals. The gearbox build was mostly done from my parts bin, so I'm not 100% sure about the make of all the airseal parts, but it has a steel tooth lightweight piston, SHS 13:1 high speed gears and a Lonex Titan in the box, with a RetroArms hopup unit, Madbull Black Python 6.03 barrel and a G&P rubber and nub, for now.
  2. Corbeau

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Purists are mainly opposed to UltimAK/Tapco/Magpul/Chinese, actual Russian stuff like Zenit is fine to all of the purists I know.
  3. Corbeau

    The Umarex Mini Uzi is a new generation

    Where are you able to find metal bodies? Might have to add this to my list if they're still out there.
  4. Corbeau

    ASG SPAS 12

    You misunderstand me comrade, I wasn't criticizing you for not adding subtitles! I likely wouldn't add them if I was making videos, it has to be a lot of work. I am a big fan of the SPAS-12 though, and I've got no problem with a stiff action, so since it seems to be holding up with no problems, I may try and find one.
  5. Corbeau

    ASG SPAS 12

    Looks like those subtitles never came to pass, and my French isn't so hot, so what was your overall impression of it? Would you recommend it? How has it held up over time?
  6. Corbeau

    H&K Picture Thread

    Hand cannon, anyone?
  7. Corbeau

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    I'm not an AR fan, so from my point of view this isn't blasphemy. Oooold King Arms sportline M4, 9MM conversion kit, wire stock and some old suppressor. Unfortunately, the stock and 9MM kit are Matrix and Angel Custom, Ecrap's brands.
  8. Corbeau

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    My E1/CYMA AKM, with RS Romanian furniture allegedly used in the Balkan Wars, RS muzzle brake, LCT Fakelite pistol grip, RS sling and rubber bayonet from Japan. I've had to gets parts for this thing from every corner of the globe, it seems like. Inside, it's got a Modify flat hop. And my side ????, a CYMA AK105 downgraded for CQC.

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