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  1. That gun is blatantly screaming "I want to be an Armalite!!!!" What with the STANAG mag, the ACOG, the railed foregrip... (j/k BTW )
  2. Bilvo, I'm guessing that's the G&P SR25 metal body? The CNC one or t'other?
  3. Neither do I, but I can't think of anything else that'd be bright green that someone would put in their RIS foregrip
  4. I'm guessing the battery is the bright green thing just above the rail cover in the 3rd pic down? (I think so anyways ... )
  5. Well, $279 for the gun, no idea what shipping was as it was part of a larger order, then customs on top, essentially, not cheap Besides, I had the last one off RW, and I doubt they'll be getting them in again seeing as they're Limited Edition I'd definitely recommend picking one up if you can get one though, purely for bling factor
  6. "Mojji Spider Laser 3-9X40EL"
  7. Does it say "Sales Forum" in the title of this subforum anywhere? No, it says "Picture Threads" Oh, and no need to quote pics when they've already been posted in the thread
  8. If you can take pics of the engraved trades like that, with a camera phone, that's certainly not bad in my books I have to say it's refreshing to see an Armalite that looks like it's been used
  9. The rings are just for attaching the sling to the gun, for example, if at the back of the gun you have just a ring mount, you shove a ring on there and run the sling through it As for the buckles, I put both of them on the back of the gun, one down by the sling mount (to keep it taut so it doesn't snag as often on things etc), and one at the end of the excess sling, to stop that getting snagged and stuff Hope that helps somewhat
  10. Looking for some advice here guys... The RIS foregrip on my CQBR is getting a little loose at times, I've already tightened everything I can, and besides, I'm looking for something a little different anyways... I'm considering either a SIR or a CASV, can anyone attest to the "sturdiness" of either of these? (I basically want something that *can't* move ) Oh, and I plan to get a new receiver anyways, so the fact my CQBR is CA will be a moot point Thanks
  11. Well, the wall hanger paintjob looks nice, though I plan to use my Armalites as my "workhorses" so I may just say Hell to it and give it a go! Will need to grab a couple of other cans of Krylon too methinks...
  12. I can't believe I haven't whored these pics here yet Sprayed my Comp'ed M190 (to get rid of the gun-metal grey-green colour they are by default), and my AK47 grips (IMO they look better than fake wood grips, until I get some real wood grips anyways ) Wasn't brave enough to attempt anything other than monotone ATM, though I probably will when I get some wood grips for my AK, prat about with the plastic grips Any tips/hints for when I do attempt several colours would be good!
  13. I don't think so, AFAIK it's just regular Nickel Plating The picture was taken in typical British weather conditions though, i.e. overcast! Still very shiny though
  14. Thanks, wasn't intentional, purely fluke, does look nice though
  15. Pics of a few of my guns, taken today with a new digicam, so apologies if the pics aren't too great And finally, my new pride and joy
  16. My CQB Armalite as it currently stands Started life as a M15A4 of some description, then had the front end changed for a CA CQBR front end, then I bought it I've since changed the solid stock for a HK416 stock (very nice I have to say! ). All it needs now is either a rear sight or a carry handle, depending on if I can pick one up cheap-ish Oh, and still getting used to the digicam, so apologies if the pics aren't too great
  17. Just reassembled my Comp'ed M190 after spraying it OD Looks a lot better than the gun-metal grey IMO Still getting used to the new digicam so apologies if the pics aren't too great
  18. Here's my AK, the OD furniture will suffice until I can stump up the cash for wood furniture, and IMO, it looks better than fake wood anyways Externally it's stock (apart from the pistol grip ), internally it's had all kinds of stuff put in it, shoots a solid 320-325 FPS Still getting used to the digicam so apologies if the pics aren't too great
  19. I guess this counts here, Thanks Redwolf! Still getting used to the digicam so apologies for the not-great pictures
  20. Umm, that'd be the one... I blame it on the Krylon fumes!
  21. Is it just me or is that vert grip on the wrong way round?
  22. That would be "excrement hits the fan"
  23. Fair nuff, does make sense I s'pose Only reason I asked is that I have a sneaky suspicion that frag 'nade pouches won't be big enough for BFGs and was hoping you'd say BFGs so I know to get flashbang pouches, oh well
  24. Hmm, can't seem to find any on eBay I can find some random pouches and stuff, besides, I'd want it in Ranger Green/OD, methinks I'll stick with the DBT MOLLE Belt I was planning on getting, should do the trick Thanks though ++EDIT++ @ squeeky Random question but what do you put in the flashbang pouches?
  25. Ooh, nice, I'll look into that then In that case, how is the drop leg being attached, is it actually attached to the MOLLE loops? (looks like it but I'm not quite sure, hence I assumed it was the ICE )
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