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  1. It seemed to work out well for that other chap on here that did it!

  2. Lone Wolf T1 TOPS UTE Byrd Cara Cara Spyderco Endura4 Gerber LMF SOG Multitool Victorinox Super Tinker
  3. I went to a real mexican place the other night for the first time in a while. The tacos were so good

  4. Yes, I am a Woman. Why do you think I've been gone so long, those operations take time you know! I realized my dream in life was to be the biggest, most annoying attention ###### ever, and that just wasn't possible with a penis.

  5. BRB, lighting myself on fire. Ahh, that's better. Edited after checking WGC: Damn, PCU Rolled.
  6. Please sincerly GTFO with this $250 stealth h00die nonsense. Orc Industriez 4 lief. Camp pose with P38 is fail hard.
  7. Last one was locked. For the love of god, just don't spam. Please. I know I was guilty of it too, but I stopped. Please do the same - exercise a little self-control and stop it, aye? Relevant comments are great. Discussion of thing people post is fine, I'd say. But pointless spam, please keep it to a minimum (i.e. none at all).
  8. Cool your jets dear, don't wanna get murdered by Blarney's uber-blackopzNAVYDELTAPJSELA friends, do you?
  9. I tried to make another seaking wallpaper, and you have no idea how confused I was when google search for "seaking" brought up a bunch of helicopters.
  10. Ahh I see it now, thanks.
  11. Real strobe or the airsoft-loader version?
  12. Sure do. AFSOC guys, courtesy SNAFU Private Gallery. Guy in the middle holding up the Antenna thing. Same guy on the left.
  13. You might want to switch around the positions of your 3 shingles and your utility on the front of your rig. I don't know about you, but when I got to reload with an M4, I normally grab a fresh mag with my left hand, and cross-draws aren't nearly as comfortable as having it right below your hand.
  14. Paint the Carabiner, and that flashlight is killing me. Besides that it looks pretty good (except for it all being replica of course ) Are you left or right handed?
  15. Maybe I'm behind times, but do you still have to replace a couple parts on the G&P ones? I don't remember exacetly what it was, but I thought that you had to replace like, the nozzle and the tappet plate as they were prone to breaking. Anyone care to clarify?
  16. @The Crunchy Bunny, thanks for making me laugh the hardest I have in a while, even if you didn't mean to.
  17. Okay, so Glocks are out, I can use Dual P38's, amirite?
  18. Dude, why don't you print out a C4 label and tape it onto the battery, or atleast sharpie on "C4" onto the battery. I think it'd look better. Also, can you pull up and post those pics of the SEALS with the flares/explosives on their stocks?
  19. Stupid animu fagz ruining mah desktop threads >: (
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