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  1. dominique.g

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    i have been gone for a couple of years too, and i was quite surprised to see this place this deserted, do you guys know what happened to the more iconic persons here does candyman still build custom airsoft rifles? did dobey ever come back after he had that customer that wasn't satisfied with his build? is renegade cow still building in pvc or did he eventually upgrade to aluminium whatever happened to that ridiculous kid that came up with those crappy builds (you know that one that glued a box the the slide of his handgun to replicate some anime pistol? is stealthbomber still around, and what about punkypink? did the crimson falcon come to this forum after airsoftretreat closed down, anyone knows what bb he was using after bioval stopped the production of their BBBMAX?
  2. dominique.g

    re-upgrading my BAR10

    with the TDC mod i assume you mean drill a thread a hole in the top of the barrel and use a screw to adjust the hop up ? or is there more to it than that?
  3. dominique.g

    re-upgrading my BAR10

    Hey guys, i have out of the airsoft scene for quite some time now and i'm getting back into it, my bar10 used to be a good rifle but over time it had degraded quite a bit so i'm planning on replacing a few parts To start with i have a laylay zero trigger but the piston is kinda damaged (the teflon rings are scratched and the cylinder head has modified the piston head quite a bit and now it doesn'd have compression anymore) so my first question is are there replacement pistons available for the zero trigger (doesn't necessarily have to be the same brand) i also would like to replace those 2 thin teflon rings that are in the receiver (around the cylinder) but no idea where to get those my hop up rubber will need to be replaced, if firefly still considered to be one of the best rubbers ? i have a prometheus barrel now, are there already better barrels on the market or should i stick with what i have (is edgi still in business) my spring is a little mangled, what brand of spring should i replace i with (currently its a laylax spring not sure if there are better brands now) also is there a consensus about what the best bb are (back in the day i was using bioval bbbmax however they haven't been around for maybe 10 years now) and one final question is there a internet shop where i can find everything i need in one go (it used to be ehobby but they aren't stocking anything now)

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