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  1. Threads like this make me hope to attend a large (100+ player) game someday featuring realistically themed sides. That would really put the final touch on game-immersion.
  2. Yup, VFC...and the AKSU-74 strapped to the back is a cheap Cyma...VFC may not make super-great internals but their build quality and look is absolutely outstanding. Its my really pampered rifle (point in fact, not used yet in a skirmish...)
  3. Was doing a joke video for a buddy...and the end result was me wearing...4 AEGs, two pistols, 12-15 magazines, shotgun shells, and about 70% of the pouches that I own...yeah...eat that Lord Sex! (btw: totally immobile in this outfit, and sweating to death, but it was worth the laughs) PS: working on version 2...will feature far more gear...
  4. I have to say...and no offense to anyone in here, but the "body parts only" being sprayed looks kind of silly. I know lots of this has to do with not wanting to spray certain parts if you switch them out etc...or if they're expensive...but I really prefer a fully-painted gun top to bottom. Grab some masking tap...plug the barrel...and have at it. edit: I know you cant really spray the Beta grip and stock...as its done in that rubberized finish...
  5. Both of the Chinese models are Cyma...pretty impressed so far. I'm an AK lover- but not one who knows every single bolt, line, crease, etc. So they pass fine...the AKM will get real wood sometime soon. ps: Yeah the TM is astounding.
  6. Its kind of...Galil-ish...in a good way, I like it. My AK family expanded...and pictures like this make me regret buying my recent M4 (may end up getting sold before I ever use the damn thing!) And lets introduce em real quick... The Chinese stunt-double for a real AKM at some point in the future...the new kid on the block with a lot to prove. The other Chinese stunt double...he's going to be used and abused like a hooker (loaner-gun!) The prom queen...380 fps VFC AK-74...gorgeous...almost too gorgeous to play with. The squeaky, rattly-plastic.
  7. Your pictures make me want a delicious refreshing pepsi...
  8. lol, I'm hunting down some Flora or Reed for the top to be more correct...and I couldn't figure out how to attach my knife to my shoulder-strap w/out a bunch of hassle. Its actually a comfortable and useable load-out...might try it minus the Shemagh for some games...(whenever I find time to play again = chairsofter for the last two damn years)
  9. The vaunted and highly sought-after 6SH-92 russian rig...its recently become fairly available. I was able to snag two (one in canvas flora, and another in VSR nylon) back when they were a bit scarce. Good rig...I need to figure out how to fit it slightly better or add padding to my chest, because it tends to slouch backwards when something heavy is in the pack - but i'm getting there...comes w/ additional 4-AK mag pouch, and 2x 5-round GP25 grenade holders which can all be attached if you want to get ridiculous. Good piece though!
  10. Threw together a "world's skinniest PMC" loadout...supah-simple. Then...I played too much COD4 on xbox this past week... Then the shemagh kindly informed me that my breath stinks...so I took it off, to look mean...yeah..I'm hard... Slightly less mean... ...and I found a new use for Pyrex measuring glasses.
  11. Pic snapped during my airsoft inventory at my house..(still ongoing in its third day...so much random stuff laying around!)
  12. Your buddy is playing Forza 2...not a bad choice.
  13. Nah, I normally run 8.4s, and the guy at the local shop tried swapping out my hop-up for his GP one, and it hopped up to 365 fps...so thats probably the issue.
  14. Looks great - do you use your ACOG that close? I use them at work, and find I have to have them reasonably spaced from my eye, or it bugs me. ps: those flexi-cuffs can get expensive, be glad you dont actually have to use them! I'll be doing some load-outs later tonight, and will edit this to add them..
  15. Realistic? Not really...useful? Probably not too much so...fun looking and boom-sticky? Absolutely.
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