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    CA Militia
  • Birthday 07/26/1988

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    I was about 13 years old.
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    Nothing currently but I have owned... CA M15A4 Carbine with replica EOtech, KSC USP with SD slide/barrel, TM Glock 17, A&K M249, CA CA25, CA M15A4 Rifle, CA M15A2 Carbine, TM MP5A5 HG, WA SCW Wilson Combat, KSC USPC, TM USP Springer, CA M24 Socom, HFC SA80, KWC Colt .25 Springer, TM Steyr MG-B NBB, TM Desert Eagle NBB.
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    United Kingdom

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    Birmingham, Hall Green
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    Airsoft, Cycling, Gym & Fitness, Gadgets & Gear, Travel
  1. lionel

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    *rolls into room* Hey guys, been a while! *dusts himself off* Or even just the Olympic bar, plates.. Deadlifts as well as squats, all that you need, if you could only pick two exercises.
  2. lionel


    Images of me.
  3. lionel

    Small man or Big cup?

    And this is why Alcohol and Airsoft do not mix...

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