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  1. Thing is Sid, it's just as irritating for everyone else as it is for you, but ulimately, this is a free site and Arnie is under no obligation to operate it. He could shut it down tomorrow should he wish.


    Why don't we all chip in a bit to help him resolve the technical problems instead of bitching about them?

    I already made that point. I'm not bitching. I'm simply stating a fact that if people do a google search for "airsoft" and Arnies returns at the top of the list but the link is "dead" when they click it, they're not gonna check back.


    Arnie said (unless I misunderstood) that 400 people can access the site at any one time. The other day I noticed 257 guests viewing the site. Thus, only 150 members could acccess the site at the same time.


    Arnie has said that the problem is NOT caused by lack of bandwidth per-se but by demands on the hardware at specific times of day.


    It seems that the fairest solution would be if all the people using this server chipped in to buy a new one, as opposed to Arnies members bank-rolling the whole thing. Of course, Arnie could rely on members to cough up for his share of that cost.

  2. Just wondering what the deal is.


    During the times I can't get access to Arnies, like for the last hour, is the site out for everybody or are there 400 lucky people who still get normal service?


    If so, can I ask what I have to do to get on that f*cking list?


    I just screwed up a post and have been buggering about for a f*cking hour waiting for the site to resurrect itself so I could edit my mistake.

    Obviously every other website I'm surfing is still fully functional. It's just Arnies that is a dead link.


    Arnies may well be the premier airsoft website on the planet but it won't be for long if this is all that people see:-




    Don't mean to offend anybody but it is very, very, very, very frustrating. I mean, I have literally spent the last hour swearing at the screen through clenched teeth (which isn't good for Mrs Sids beauty sleep) while waiting for the site to wake up again so I could correct a mistake I'd made.


    Seriously, you're definately not going to get newbs joining a site which looks like it might peg-out at any moment and I'm going to seriously look at joining other, more reliable, forums if things stay this way. Not a threat, just a rather frustrating fact.

  3. You're right in your assumption.


    Thing is, on the academy SA80 the cocking handle just lies inside the plastic shell and is pressed into place by the gearbox.

    The only thing holding the cocking handle in place is a sort of raised square molded into the inside of the shell.

    It did occur to me that you could put a couple of screws through the shell to absorb the impact instead of the raised plastic but I think you'd also have problems with thefake bolt, itself, bending as the piston pushed it back repeatedly.


    It's a shame cos, as I say, the V1 gearbox is ideal for this sort of thing - far better than the set-up in an AK - but the Academy body and fake bolt just wouldn't put up with it for very long I fear.

  4. right, thanks to snorkelman my l85 is no longer naked

    Very impressive looking.


    I must admit, I always swore I wouldn't bother repainting the grips on my Academy gun but it's becoming more and more apparent how poor they look.


    Incidentally, I was also looking at your idea about making the bolt move on the SA80. TBH, the V1 gearbox is idea for it cos the gearbox walls run the entire length of the 'box. The cylinder is not visible.

    I gotta say that this would have a good chance of working BUT I reckon the charging handle would quickly mangle up the Academy shell.

    Try allowing your charging handle to slam forward. Now do that 20 times in a row. Now ask yourself if you fancy letting it do that 20 times a second? :unsure:


    I reckon it'd work well, in theory, but I just don't reckon the Academy charging handle and shell are up to it.

  5. Might I ask the question........."Why not just get another machine?"

    Give the guy a break.

    Arnies IS free.


    To digress slightly, how does it actually work with servers and stuff?


    I mean, I seem to recall that Arnie said, a year or so ago, he was moving to an American server.

    OTOH, didn't Ivery say that he was hosting Arnies site on his server?

    Just wondering how that works?

    Or is it that Ivery's server is in America and he hooked Arnie up with the same people?

  6. I meant out of 11k users how many of them are active? under 1k maybe.

    Try doing a member search for users with less than 1 post, or less than 5, or less than 20 and you'll soon see what percentage of the membership is active. ;)


    ahhh new mods!!! are they for the whole site or just little bits and bobs of it?

    Given that Marlowe has posted in this thread, you don't really have to look too far to see that "Global Moderator" tag under his avatar. :rolleyes:

  7. Would it be possible to impliment some kind of search function which works by location>


    I think it's currently possible to search by country but the results I got when I tried it were a bit odd.


    I figure if there were 3 boxes you could enter a country, a state and a city and then other people would be able to locate you more easily.

    If you weren't happen letting people know the town you live in you could just enter the state.


    It just occurs to me that when a newb suffers any technical problems it's up to the good-will of everybody else to actually spot the thread and offer assistance.


    If a newb could search for other people by location they could either try to get help directly from a local person or, at least, get info about local shops and sites.

  8. Wow!


    It's getting so you never know if your post is gonna go up or not.


    As I've said before, that's the kind of thing which will discourage people from typing long, useful, posts for fear they'll be wasting their time.



    Took 3 goes to get THIS to go up. :angry:

  9. For those that care about such things: Service stability is down to the fact that we're hitting the upper bound of maxclients (connections open to users) that can physically be handled without a major rework of server software, then when the monitoring system checks to see if the site is up it can't see it (as there's already a maximum number of people reading stuff) so it restarts the service because it thinks there's an error.

    Nice tyo know we have so many people looking at the site.


    Do you know if it's registered users or "lurkers"?


    Of course, if they're all from a government IP you could just ban them so genuine airsofters can use the site rather than suits harvesting ideas and eavesdropping. ;)


    [fake edit]

    Smileys added for fake levity. :mellow:

  10. Erm, hate to raise the issue again but the site seems to be up and down like a yoyo at the moment.


    Chatting on IRC it would seem that various people are experiencing the same problems.


    It's a bit of a blow when you write out a bloody essay to help somebody and, when you click "submit post" you get a "page not found" error. :-(

  11. I'm against it (except in the Sales forum) for three reasons:

    First, in a debate, the thread starter could close the topic to avoid being proved wrong.

    Second, why should a thread close just because YOU'VE finished with it? What if it's moved on to another area that is of no interest to you, but is of great interest to others?

    Third, it increases the chances of duplicate threads. "I wanted to ask a question about something in an old thread, but as it was locked I had to start this one."




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