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  1. Hi members could you please share any info about the Walther PPK/S CNC BB Stainless Steel Machined Co2 powered I'm trying to find for sale or any info about tracking an owner willing to sell their's. I'm not bothered at all if it's Co2 or Green Gas powered so long as I find one for sale, so fingers crossed! I've always been a massive fan of the Walther PPK & PPK/S and NO before you say I don't have a James Bond fetish, I do like the more recent James Bond films though, I suppose most blokes do!But the little Walther in all its Calibres and finishes is to me a great looking little powe
  2. Hi again MS, I must admit I didn't get the chance to read the full description before the listing was taken down and your post of the listing is too small for my eyes to read as I'm on my tablet. So I'll take your word for it and I stand corrected that it's Resin, that's a disappointment would love to own a Blue metal Mk lV Series 70, I do own the Cybergun Mk lV Series 70 made in a metal stainless steel finish and is very authentic with the wording on the gun all correct and when I purchased it from new it wasn't expensive. The TM version in Blue is readily available to purchase and
  3. Hi Mobius Strip, thanks for your information, but are you sure it's made from Resin? Tokyo Marui make a very nice MK lV Series 70 in a Blue finish which looks identical and is a quarter of the cost of the WE from Airsoft Shop Japan, which is why I thought the cost would be high because it's all metal, that makes sense to me. I personally own a new Tokyo Marui Mk lV Series 70 in an all Nickel finish and it's an absolute beauty, but I wish it was all metal! How did you manage to find the listing again and post it here? as the original listing has been taken down from the store, they al
  4. WA Super Real Gun Colt Mk IV Series 70 Black GBB Airsoft gun all metal. Searching the the net I found a store in Japan that listed this beautiful 1911 Mk lV Series 70. The stores name is Airsoft Shop Japan, so I made enquiries about it and they did reply very quickly, but unfortunately they don't have it in stock at the moment and the listing has been taken down. If you copy and paste the the title above into Google images it can still be seen, it's an absolute beauty of the Mk lV and is all metal in a Blue finish, now when it was listed the price was not cheap and if memory ser
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