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  1. PaulSchoon

    HK 416

    So I was really looking into the the avalon but my friend kind of got me leaning towards the hk 416, I do like the look of the 416 a bit better. Douse anyone have a 416, what are your thoughts?
  2. PaulSchoon

    New SMG that I just got

    I have been looking into getting the HK MP7 how do you like it?
  3. PaulSchoon

    Who makes a good MP7

    I have been looking around at guns and I think I want to get an MP7, from looking around I am kind of liking the KWA Mp7 but I dont know if there is anything better out there or not. What do you guys think about the MP7 and who makes the best one.
  4. PaulSchoon

    Secondary to snipe with

    Take a look at the KWA mp7 its small and light has a good ROF and good range
  5. PaulSchoon

    ICS L86 A2

    I havent been able to find a metal replacement hop up yet either every now and then I look around for one but no luck yet.
  6. PaulSchoon

    ICS L86 A2

    I have the ICS L86 A2, it has an adjustable spring so you can change the FPS but just changing a pin placement in the back of the gearbox. it shoots at 350FPS - 400FPS - $430FPS at the 3 different points you can set the pin. the gun shoots hard and straight, Having the A2 gives me a longer barrow so the grouping is super tight on semi and pretty good when running full auto. the only thing I found is the hop up arm is made of plastic, im planning on replacing the arm with a full metal one at some point but haven't had any issues with the hop but yet. I have put about 30,000 rounds through this gun so far and everything is still working strong.

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