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  1. Huxley

    Airsoft Stuff You Just Bought

    Kwa Ronin Tk45 2.5c
  2. Huxley

    What rig?

    I run a molle combat rig for my machine guns. But I need something that goes well with a triple extended taco setup, as I'm looking into getting a kwa ronin soon. Any suggestions?
  3. Huxley

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Slowly getting the hang of things.
  4. Huxley

    Airsoft Stuff You Just Bought

    Got fed up with fogging.
  5. Huxley

    TM Mk23 Rail

    I know double tap make one.
  6. Huxley

    A Bad Month for My Pistol Collection

    Yup no pressure valve, just bang in what you fancy. Most tm users use the clone mags for this reason.
  7. Huxley

    G&G VSS

    Thanks, decided on the lct as val, just waiting for fire support to get it back in. Cracking rifle, really good all rounder from what I've seen.
  8. Huxley

    G&G VSS

    Anyone have one? I'm really finding myself drawn to it, but would like to know what I'll be getting into.
  9. Huxley

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Me four games in, got my ukara coming.
  10. Huxley

    Few aug questions

    Haha nice one, well I'm used to bullpups but I really fancied the Aug for its looks, the ease of working on and the selectable trigger, it's a very modern design. Every man and their dog on my site has some M4 variant. Can't say I get on with the rental M4's they just don't feel right. Soon as I even mentioned getting an AUG it peaked a bit of interest, can't wait to get my membership soon and order the thing. That diagram looks pretty simple, easy hours work if I take my time. Can I run a higher voltage with that mosfet?
  11. Huxley

    Few aug questions

    Are they simple to fit, I do have some soldering experience. I have decided to keep it bone stock for now bar a deans connector, a decent optic and convert the safety switch to allow semi auto.
  12. Huxley

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Me two games in, really getting into it.
  13. Huxley

    Few aug questions

    True, handled my first TM 416 devgru which was another one I fancied. Too heavy I'd soon get tired of lugging it around. But I'll at least be converting it to r-hop and cutting those grooves in the switch as some games are semi only, and they won't allow mosfet semi needs to be a switch. But I am loving cqb, running in guns blazing getting shot to hell. Sure I could be a sniper, but that's an easy life.
  14. Huxley

    Few aug questions

    The trigger from what I've heard can have contact issues? I've seen some put in a screw to solve it. I've heard augs are noisy guns, many seem to pad theirs out with foam. What sights would you use, I'm thinking red dot with a decent 3x magnifier. I'm not knocking the aug, far from it I love it's look and the switchable trigger I just like to know what I'm getting into, my intent is to slowly mod the hell out of it.
  15. Huxley

    Few aug questions

    I'm looking at grabbing one as my first aeg, and this really sticks out after looking at so many. But barrel wise, the commando is what 455mm? would a longer tightbore barrel make much difference. What is the bucking? From what I've heard they can all have different hopups so any way of figuring out which one, out for that matter any decent cnc hopups about? V3 gearbox, are they all pretty much the same across guns? Why do so many suggest a mosfet as being a first mod, I take it spectre MK2 being the best? Trigger issues, are they an easy fix as is the noise they make? Gun I'm looking at is a gfc454 from gunfire.

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