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  1. AlecBeach

    Glock 17/19

    Stuck between the Glock 17 or 19 by EF. Anyone can tell me if the mags are any different or how they feel in your hands?
  2. AlecBeach

    Secondary to snipe with

    https://modernairsoft.com/collections/airsoft-green-gas-pistols/products/airsoft-glock-17-elite-force-pistol Is this something I can go for?
  3. AlecBeach

    New SMG that I just got

    Dunno where OP got his but I got mine off of https://modernairsoft.com/collections/gun-finder-smg-mp7
  4. AlecBeach

    Who makes a good MP7

    The KWA one is the best one. The VFC one is bad. Real bad.
  5. AlecBeach

    New SMG that I just got

    CQB Bolt for sure. then get yourself a nice flashlight and laser
  6. AlecBeach

    New handgun

    EF Glock 17 or 19 are great options. Good for CQB and as any outdoor sidearm.
  7. AlecBeach

    Secondary to snipe with

    I'm getting a sniper rifle sometime soon and want a secondary to go with it. I need it to hit 30m to make up for my field's MED on snipers. I'm thinking SMG instead of pistol because a pistol won't be really effective at 30m.
  8. AlecBeach

    VFC HK416

    I've never been a fan of gas rifles. Love gas pistols! and SMG's
  9. AlecBeach

    VFC HK416

    https://modernairsoft.com/products/416-cqb-elite-full-metal-airsoft-aeg-rifle-by-vfc Is this the best of the 416? I know they have a 416-C but... that PEQ box...
  10. AlecBeach

    VFC HK416

    The M27 is an IAR so some fields will allow full auto because of that ;))
  11. AlecBeach

    GHK SIG 553

    https://modernairsoft.com/products/umarex-20rd-magazine-kwa-hk-mp7-airsoft-gbb Here is the tiny one. https://modernairsoft.com/products/umarex-40rd-magazine-kwa-mp7-airsoft-gbb Here is the Normal people one. Enjoy!
  12. AlecBeach

    GHK SIG 553

    First off I never knew about a gas G36! Was it the compact or full? And the MP7 is one of my favorite guns I own. If you ever need more stuff for it there is always stuff to get for it, Think thats why I like them so much because you can do so much. I know a site that gives you points for buying their stuff. If you need more MP7 mags tell me!
  13. AlecBeach

    VFC HK416

    I'm on the fence about the M27 and the 416
  14. AlecBeach

    GHK SIG 553

    I heard that WE can be good. Just their old gets bad rep
  15. AlecBeach

    GHK SIG 553

    I would say GHK would be like VFC and Krytac of GBBRs and Vipertech is like a stock Tokyo Marui NGRS. Great performer out of the box, but parts and such are expencive to get on par with certain markets and play styles.

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