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    Marcus Ravera

    Absolutely, that’s why I have been keeping silica packets in there (like the ones you get with shoes) and it was well maintained and oiled before it went in bag, as a preventative measure. The main reason for the post was just so that people who have been scammed by him in the previous years can finally find out where he has resurfaced. Hopefully it can help just one person get their stuff back. Because I know that with a decent amount of TLC, I will be able to bring the rifle back to a decent state it’s not so bad. I’m just hoping some of the people who totally lost weapons, or had inferior parts put in their weapons some justice (legally of course)
  2. EmoDragon

    Marcus Ravera

    Yeah. I know, I was charged £185 for it and then it ended up like this, even though it was stored with silica packets in the gun bag, and stored in a cool dry place. Im not overly worried about me, I just wanted to make people aware that he has resurfaced, and that a location can be provided if people wish to persue legally.
  3. EmoDragon

    Marcus Ravera

  4. EmoDragon

    Marcus Ravera

    It seems that I cannot upload pictures and it’s giving me massive errors. Nevermind. I just hope the people who are looking for him see this, so they can contact me for his location.
  5. EmoDragon

    Marcus Ravera

    It was specifically a rifle for pellets, at the time he sold it to me, as I wasn’t aware that he needed a license to sell them commercially. I don’t know the make / model currently but I will edit with information when I get home. I believe it may be SMK B2 (or at least partly) When I purchased the rifle, he bigged it up, told me it was fully legal for him to sell it under his business etc (I am not one for breaking the law) once I was made aware of his past, I did a huge google search for him and the weapon, the weapon I was sold seems to be made out of two or three different weapons (cannot find one that is exactly what I have) I am currently on the process of finding a real gunsmith close to my area to have the gun checked over before it is used as I am not happy using it knowing it may have inferior quality parts in it. I am also rather concerned because after storing it for less than a few months the barrel began to show surface rust, along with rust in the break of the barrel. (I have stored it in my house, in a dedicated case) i will later on, upload lots of pictures of different parts of the weapon, so that someone may or may not be able to identify what parts have come from where.
  6. EmoDragon

    Marcus Ravera

    It was definitely an air weapon mate. Takes .22 pellets i am more posting here as I have done a good search for him and realised there is a few people that have been scammed by him. I’m doing it more for their benifit as I now have a location of where he is
  7. EmoDragon

    Marcus Ravera

    Thank you! I made an account here quite a while ago, in the intent of posting this but never got around to it. If I can help just one person find this guy and get some sort of justice I will be happy. Thank you for flagging the post so it can be moved to the relevant section. If anyone would like ANY of his information I have it all, including his home address, this will not be given to the public, but if a police case is opened this can be provided to them if you supply me with a CAD number, this is just to protect me (not him) from any issues that may arise.
  8. EmoDragon

    Marcus Ravera

    If anyone is still looking for Marcus Ravera who used to work at wolfarmouries, he has now relocated to Dover Kent, he is now running his own business called “All Ages Airsoft” I am assuming he is now rebuilding a reputation so that eventually he can scam lots more people. If anyone needs anymore information please do not hesitate to contact me. I have his business name / address / phone number and lots of other details. The reason why I am posting here is because he sold me a rifle (second hand) without the appropriate licences etc (he sold me an air weapon) he made it seem much better than it was, and sold it for an extortionate price. After googling his name I found lots of people have had issues with him on this site. Whoever has been scammed by him, don’t loose hope as he has resurfaced once again! edit: apologies I have realised this has gone in the wrong topic. I have posted this on my phone and cannot find a way to delete / move it.

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