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  1. Do you know of a possible higher tension spring? the sear in my mind seems pretty weak to be honest.I can't get rid of this random cycle issue.
  2. Great explanation. Less tension= less work(gas) needed. I'm going to trim the nozzel spring down 30% and increase the tension on the flute valve spring 10%..see if I can gain fps that way. On a separate note.any ideas on why the sear isn't locking after each shot on semi? I follow through with each trigger pull,but the gun cycles 4-5 shots quite often.
  3. Interesting spring adjustments. What effect did the shortening of the nozzle spring cause? I'm going to try your fixes
  4. That's a good observation.i remember being a bit light and quick on the trigger. I'll put it to the test tonight.
  5. I've taken your advice and tweaked everything from the post. Great performing gun,just one small concern. Has anyone else experienced on semi fire that it dumps around 5 shots or so randomly?
  6. Looks like this thread is pretty much dead,but i was wondering if anyone finally got the DH mod to work with the m14
  7. On the nozzel halves,where the pin is too short.is one end of the pin seat still plastic sealed?i can only see the pin on one end of the nozzel,so I'm guessing I have to drill the opposite side plastic to reveal and push the pin out
  8. If i order a mp5 a3, and since im in the U.S. this will require it be shipped with the orange tip (orange front sight) is this part still metal or is it plastic? in which case i would need to order a front metal sight. Also, is there a steel charging handle upgrade out there? Im wondering how sturdy the pot metal stock one is.
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