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    Hi all! Figured I would introduce myself, looking to get into the sport, now is a good time too as have always wanted too, hope you are all having a good day
  2. Pathfinder.Airsofter


    Thanks mate! And I am based around Gravesend to Dartford area
  3. Pathfinder.Airsofter

    King Arms M1 Carbine Para

    On the hunt for a M1 Carbine paratrooper model, will pay a decent price depending on the quality of it, I am not a UKARA holder yet, so two tone would be preferred
  4. Pathfinder.Airsofter

    King Arms M1A1 Thompson

    Hi all! I am on the hunt for a KIng Arms M1A1, if looking to sell one, give me a message, I am not a UKARA holder so two tone is preferred

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