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  1. Hello everyone 😀Im selling Izhmash AKM wood stock, price is $65 for one + postage. The stock is NOS condition.I accept PayPal(with 4% PP fee)Feel free to ask any questions
  2. Hello everyone😀 I would like to sell Romanian MD65 reverse dong grip, price is $70 + Shipping I accept PayPal( with 4% PP fee) Feel free to ask any questions
  3. Hello everyone😀 I'm selling Soviet RPK sling for $45 shipped , I send worldwide , I accept PayPal(with PP fee) & Western Union or Transferwise Feel free to ask any questions items located in Hong Kong
  4. Hello everyone Items location Hong Kong Im selling this really nice looking Russian AK-74 wood set , price is $126 (+ shipping) & PP fee (if you use PP) I accept PayPal & Western Union or Transferwise I ship worldwide😀 Feel free to ask any questions
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