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    seeing as i have to two tone anyway :)

    Let's face it, no-one in authority would dare question whether that is actually >50% bright colours, for fear of having to actually prove it  :o 


    Cyma M14 that I got for 70 €. Plus some ACM Magpul MOE rails, Magpul angled foregrip, Element Mini Scout light and ACM T-1 red dot.


    Painted with Montana 94 spray cans and paper stencils. I used "math paper", marked random squares with a pen and cut them out, so just female stencils. Took me about 5 hours.



    Not a huge fan of 'Digital' patterns, but that has to be the best DIY execution of the type I've ever seen, great job!

  2. Apologies for the poor quality shots, didn't have time to take any more before it went back to it's owner...





    A friend's SOCOM and the Silencer I made for it.

    He wanted a fairly 'short and fat' one, which I didn't think would suit the Rifle, he wouldn't budge on the size so I suggested a compromise.

    Have the larger diameter, but offset the bore so the body sits lower, in line with the Rifle's stock.

    I think it came out OK...

  3. Has anyone used Montana matt spray paint on their guns? Is it just as good as Krylon?

    I've used the Montana Gold range and am very impressed with the finish, huge range of colours available too, I'll never pay over the odds for Krylon again!

    It's best to use a primer designed for use on plastics before applying as well (on plastic parts).

  4. The 'M14' on the stock is not particularly to my taste, but other than that it looks good. Pics with the gun re-assembled?

    That's the general consensus so far.

    I meant it to be a bit more subtle, but I got a bit carried away :P


    It's not off one of my AEGs (although I do have a SOCOM), it's a spare stock I had lying around.

    I also have enough spares to build another SOCOM, so I'll do the rest of the externals sometime and put it together.

    It was more of an 'experiment' to be honest, I thought it was about time I tried my hand at painting.


    For UK members, I found a good alternative to Krylon.

    Much greater range of colours, and about half the price...


    Click on the 'Click to Purchase' link to see the full range of colours.

    Five different caps with different spray sizes too.

  5. What are the arrangements for the mag catch for the 9mm mag? Can we get some details pics of the adapter itself?

    Sorry, I missed this the first time...

    Here you go.



    As you can see, I had to modify the mag for the latch arrangement, by insetting a small Alloy plate to put the hole in.






  6. ...generally people have to wear gloves when pulling back the bolt due to the odd shape of the handle, otherwise a large blister/callus develops.

    I blended out the sharp edges on the front of my AtoZ bolt handle, makes a big difference to cocking it.

    Still tough to do but nowhere near as uncomfortable.

  7. PSO-1C.jpg

    That's a beautiful SVD :wub:

    What's the dog-leg slot for on the front sleeve, does it extend?


    I'll post a pic of mine (AtoZ V3) when I've done a bit of 'weathering' on it, it's far too shiny at the moment :blush:

    I painted over the hideous fake wood finish with Satin Black, and I've started on a plywood stock and handguard set...

    EDIT; Is it me, or is there a real scarcity of SVD/Dragunov info/topics on Arnies :huh:

  8. ...All credit for most of the work must go to Doc, who has put incredible efforts into making this project work. The finished product he has produced is better than anything I could have come close to by myself, even if I had the tools that he's got. He told me to make sure to say that it's a one-off, so don't go pestering him to build you one, he's a busy man.


    Now, to plan a proper A2 receiver.... :unsure:

    Aw shucks, thanks Hed' :blush:


    Everyone else, take note of the bit in bold ;)


    As I explained to Hedganian, I really enjoyed doing the adaptor, but it took way too many hours to be able to put a reasonable price on.

    It really needs CAD/CNC to make it an economically viable job.


    So (for now) Hedganian, you have (probably) the only 'full' 9mm AUG Airsoft replica in existence B)

  9. After (I´m sorry).

    Today I have been playing with the SA 80, and I´m very happy with this toy.The only problem the semi -mode.The rest...perfect.A good inversion



    i was using my newly aquired l85 for the first time it was sweet it fed flawlessly using the star low caps i was using a small problem with semi but a quick flick to auto for a few shots and back to semi when this ocuors at least with mine solves this.

    Problems with it stopping firing in semi are probably down to not pulling the trigger right back and holding it until it stops cycling.

    I.e. doing quick 'taps' on the trigger instead of a 'full sqeeze'.

    Because of the longer piston (than a 'normal' AEG), the firing cycle is a bit longer, and if you let the trigger go before it stops itself, the cut-off lever will still be activated and it won't fire again until you switch to auto (which disables the cut-off).

    This is how I understand it anyway...

  10. Cool silencer, perhaps a bit big for a C, but overall looks like quality work ;)

    How does it work out as far as sound-dampening goes?

    Thanks. I'm pleased how it turned out.

    It works quite well, the internals are like this;


    But with less 'chambers'. I've done 5 foam sections.

  11. ...-Kalash AKS74

    -CYMA AK47 w/G&P MBK and Bomber Wood Kit

    -Kalash AKS74u

    -CYMA AK74 w/Element MBK and CAW BG15 Grenade L....


    Beautiful indeed :D but oh so shiny, do they live in a hermetically sealed glass case? :P

    AKs look so much better (in my opinion) with some wear on them.

    Still very nice though ;)

  12. 'Jun 1 2006, 07:53 PM' post='800165']

    This... will be locked...

    Oh how wrong you were...

    Why did you think that anyway?


    What do you reckon to this suppressor (looks-wise)?



    It's 50mm diameter and 205mm long.

    I've made it for a friend who asked for that size (it's not finished obviously, will be powder-blasted, then painted & laquered)

    I thought it might be too big but I reckon it looks OK on the G36 (which will soon have a larger foregrip anyway)

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