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  1. I've opened up a lot of JG AK Betas (A friend has them as rental guns, he supplies a few sites, and I downgraded a dozen of them to 1J for him) and internally they are good, the only thing needed was a Marui hop rubber, the original is very hard/inflexible. They shoot very nicely and the quality and finish is easily as good as Marui's in my opinion, if not a little better.

    Not heard any horror-stories so far...

  2. ... Unfortunatley the hop-up set did not come with the one part i needed (the adjustment lever).  Is there any way i can maybe make a simple durable one and out of what material?

    Do you mean the little finger-tab part that screws onto the sliding arm?

    If so, you can do without it, just use a small screwdriver to push/pull on the arm itself.

    If you really want one then get a length of right-angle alloy and cut/file/drill to suit.

  3. My dad failed at fixing airsoft guns.  :nosleep:

    He was just making it really safe for you :D


    cheek weld issues seem to be characteristic of AK folders, in my experience. same adjustments needed with the underfolder and the Krinkov left-side folder. not true with my custom mini beryl though cos it was designed to my ergos  :P

    :D  :D  :D

    I'll probably end up modifying it sooner or later, like cutting it off at the hinge and making a new tubular section :P

  4. It came like that, I straight-swapped it for a GBB Scorpion.

    It's a really solid stock, no wobbles/rattles folded or extended.

    My only gripe with it is it really gets in the way when I use the sights, I have to press my cheek really hard into it to line them up.

    I can ask the guy I got it from, PM me to remind me if you like.

  5. docv, your mate has probably the best looking SVD conversion ive seen in a while...

    It's his pride and joy, I have my suspicions that he takes it to bed with him :wub:


    ...Still a nice dragunov you've built. Great work.


    Thanks guys, I'll let him know you approve :P

  6. You mean the Dragunov front grip/heat-cover?

    My Friend sourced all the parts, I just helped him build it (the 'technical' bits).

    I can find out if you like, it was somewhere in the UK anyway.

    PM me and I'll ask him asap.

  7. The two recent additions to my collection, and my first AK's (about b##ody time too :P )




    Can't remember if I've posted these before or not, it's my mate's AEG Dragunov I built for him (built from scratch from aftermarket parts, AK body based);



  8. ...requiring filing of the bushings and the axles to get a fit...

    I hope you're joking about filing the axles :huh:

    They are precision-ground, polished and hardened items. File the surface of the axle(s), removing the hardened and polished bearing surface and you'll scrap the bushings before you've fired 200-300 rounds, if you're lucky.

    Same goes for the bushes, though I'm not sure what you've filed on them, outer diameter to get them into their holes, or the flange to give the gears more clearance?

  9. Surely, just about anyone who's selling Airsoft gear knows how much you can get it for, posted from HK, and prices stuff accordingly?

    Not sure it needs a rule as such, you either politely decline their lower offer, accept it, or haggle some more ;)

    I agree with the annoyance of the

    "ZoMG wtf its cheaper from Hong Kong!11!!"
    brigade, even when it's not you selling the item, it's annoying :rolleyes: but, they're easily ignored ;)
  10. This was the point back in April, in Hong Kong, that I realised the stock wasn't going to fit in my suitcase :blink::P


    I had to wrap it in bubble wrap, with a kiddies swimming armband on the end to make it look less gun-like for the flight home. ;)

    I stripped the rest right down to get it in the case.

    With just a tightbore added, it's right on the 1j limit, I love it just as it is :wub:

  11. Not mine, I built the long one for a friend, 650mm PSG tightbore (into silencer), Guarder wood kit, Systema FTK in reinforced g/box, systema hi-torque motor + gears.


    Bottom one is standard 'S' with paintjob on plastic grips and stock removed.




    Edit; By the way, nice work Renegade. I particularly like the stock.

    The standard stock is the one thing I dislike about the AK variants, always looks way out of proportion to me :blink:

  12. ...nice homemade silencer, is it really that effective? i have a ka socom silencer on mine, but its not THAT effective...


    Yes, it does make a difference (not that the MP7 is that loud to begin with of course)

    It's really quiet with it on, takes away the 'thwack' part of the sound, just leaving a faint 'ptwuh' sound (is there a dictionary of sounds and their spellings anywhere? :D )

    From more than approx 6m away I doubt you'd hear it during a game...not until it was too late anyway ;)

  13. MP7_1.jpg

    A better shot, with my home-made silencer attached...sounds like a flea sneezing :P


    was thinking of getting one of these, i hear there helluva fun

    They certainly are. Mine now has a 6.03 TB (gives 265fps) and an external battery pack (7.2V 2100mah gives 50% increase in ROF to around 15/sec (10/sec standard))

    It makes a great CQB tool, and I reckon it'd be OK in woodland if you're the stealthy type. ;)

  14. Nice detailed Write up Steve.

    They do look tempting price-wise, a nice cheap intro to Airsoft for a lot of people hopefully.

    One comment. 10-12000 rounds in one day??? :blink::o

    The term 'Trigger happy' just isn't adequate... ;)

  15. Sorry to drag this topic back but I didn't want to start another...

    I recently got one of these loaders and I'm afraid I think it's a pile of c##p. :angry:

    The release button for the plunger has to be pulled out (unlike the Marui push-push design), with bare hands it's difficult enough, with gloves on I'd say it's near impossible. :huh:

    For half of it's diameter it sits almost flush with the outer shell, so you can't actually grip it properly, you have to hook a nail in the shallow groove, unless you have gloves on, in which case you can't <_<

    The filling hole is too small, you need another speedloader to fill it :blink: and the cap is easy to drop and lose.

    The outer shell slides back to reveal an opening in the side, which is bigger, but still a bit too narrow to fill from a 'normal' bottle without spilling loads of BBs.

    Then you need to pull down the end cap to reveal the loading nozzle, and hold the cap out of the way (because it drops back down) while you offer it up to the mag.

    The TM speedloader (and the copies) are a one-handed operation...this is more like a three handed one <_<

    Yes it looks the part, but I'd rather have something which actually works.

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