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  1. Schnakey

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    I don't remember anything teletubbies related. My memory is a bit up the creek at the moment though! There was certainly some rivalry back then. One do the things we did used to do in the Airsoft IRC channel was change out names to the nsync guys and hit up the fan chatrooms...
  2. Schnakey

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    I'm new here, just joined today, but anyone from the old ascuk/Ukan/old blue crowd should know me.
  3. Schnakey

    Hello, I'm new here

    But not to Airsoft. After a long break I've got rather chubby and needed a weekend activity to get for again and coming back to Airsoft seems like the way forward. Any old timers still about from ascuk/old blue days?

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