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  1. First post, but figuredI needed to jump into a forum to get myself back into the sport mentally. Used to play for about 10 years, and took a break when I moved house, Around that time it seemed most sites and forums etc seemed to head to facebook and all that annoying , 3 years later, the bug has started itching again! Perhaps this is one of those infections that is incurable eh? My only concern is that while myself and my partner never sold our gear and guns... I do worry that its a bit outdated now. A few searches around the usual stores shows there's been some evolution. I feel like a bit of a time traveler! Will I get laughed at that my gats are covered in cobwebs? (I wonder if I still remember how to gearbox?) So in summary, did I miss much? Also Hi.
  2. Reilly

    Getting Back into Airsoft.

    VFC MP5A5 (AEG) Ares L85A2, Ares Tavor, Maruzen L96, two half completed M4s... VFC AKM (Frankenstein) uh, TM 226E1, WE G19, WE M&P Shield. I'm sure most are fine.
  3. Reilly

    Getting Back into Airsoft.

    We had Lipo's back in the 'old days' before I stopped I'm not that ancient. Will have to kick the webs off my bang sticks and see how they behave.
  4. Reilly

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    Surely after Brexit it will be just like importing from Asia etc... get em to slap the UKARA number on the packaging, gg. If Brexit happens... *shrug*

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